The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2135

Chapter 2135 At the last moment of the recorder, anyone could see and hear Manuel‘s mental breakdown. Even if Manuel deserved to die, Florence should not have been made the victim. However, she was still implicated by Manuel and eventually died because of her own ignorance. 

Waylon chuckled. “I didn‘t expect you to have such a sentimental side, Mr. Southern.” 

she turned to look at him. “I‘m just not reconciled. We were only 5 kilometers away from the pier, and we almost caught him. Who would have expected that such a thing would happen?” 

‘I would feel better if Manuel and Florence were murdered when they were on their way to the pier. At least a direction would present itself to me, and I‘d know who went after them. I could make a move on those people. 

However, they‘re the ones who caused the accident, so there‘s no clue whatsoever. Donald didn‘t even have to do anything.‘ 

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. “In the end, Donald got away with this the easy way.” Waylon slowed down. “Things happened, and we can‘t do anything to change that, but there will always be a solution.” 

Cameron folded her arms. “Fabio is already one big problem to swallow and deal with, and Donald just has to bring himself into the equation. This is endless.” 

He chuckled. “It seems that you‘re not as competent as Nollace when it comes to keeping your emotions in check.” 

She was startled, then turned to look at Waylon. “By the way, what kind of grudges does Nollace have with Donald?” 

She only knew that when she first saw Nollace, he was injured and floating at sea. He probably would not have survived if he had not encountered her boat and her men had not found him. 

He originally wanted to stay in the East Islands only because he wanted to locate someone called Donald. It could be seen that hatred existed between him and Donald. 

Waylon held the steering wheel and looked ahead. “Donald was imprisoned because of Nollace, but unfortunately, he escaped from prison two years ago. Donald is a person that will never stop unless he‘s achieved his goal, and he‘s someone who will retaliate against the people who wronged him. And Daisie is married to Nollace, so if he doesn‘t get rid of Donald for good, Daisie will also be in danger.” 

Cameron supported the side of her forehead in her hand and propped her elbow against the car window. “It turns out that he‘s doing all this for Daisie. Wow, I seem to have failed to see that loving side that he possesses.” 

“It‘s not just for Daisie,” Waylon responded calmly. “If Donald continues to get away with impunity, once he returns to Yararnoor with the help of Fabio‘s power, the Knowles will also become the target of his revenge. “What I admire most about Nollace is that he isn‘t afraid of putting himself on the line and in danger. He can isolate himself from all those people who need his protection and fight by himself. Even though many think that he‘s toying with death, he‘s just reluctant to show his 

weakness in front of the enemy.” Cameron chuckled. “Then you should learn from your brother–in–law. So that you‘ll be able to protect your wife when you manage to find one in the future.” 

Waylon smiled without saying a word. When the car arrived at the Southern residence, the lights in the living room were still on. Sunny had not slept as he was still waiting for the result. 

Apparently, he had learned about the accident that Manuel was caught in. 

Seeing them enter the hall, the butler reported, “The young master has come back.” 

Sunny raised his gaze, and Cameron walked up to him. “Manuel and Florence died in the accident.” 

Upon hearing this, Sunny took a deep breath, and his expression dimmed. “I didn‘t expect that Florence would be with Manuel.” 

Cameron crossed her arms. “Manuel wanted to take her away, but who would have expected that Florence would contact Donald and stimulate him when they were in the car?” 

Sunny frowned and slowly got up after a while. “Alright, you guys have been moving around town all day. Go and rest first. As for Florence‘s death, I‘ll inform Joaqin tomorrow.” 

Florence is his daughter, and he has the right to know about that.‘ 

Cameron went upstairs. 

Sunny thought of something and looked at Waylon. “Wayne, you should get the spy you‘ve assigned to stay beside Fabio. I just got the news that because of Manuel‘s escape, Donald suspects someone working for Fabio is a spy. Fabio has always been a suspicious person and will definitely look into this matter.”


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