The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2161

Chapter 2161 The next day, at Yuzu Villa… Minzy was sitting in the private room. She felt nervous, and her heart was pumping rapidly as she looked at Waylon. After all, the man before her was the most outstanding man she had ever seen so far. 

He had a handsome and sharp face, yet there was a trace of gentleness between his eyebrows. 

She grabbed tightly at the cup and asked, “Mr. Goldmann, are you from the East Islands?” Holding a cup of tea in his hand, he replied, “Nope.” Minzy lowered her face and smiled. “So where are you from?” Waylon lifted his eyelids and replied, “I am from Bassburgh.” 

She smiled. “Well, I‘m from Kong Ports. It‘s pretty near, isn‘t it?” As if something crossed her head, she asked again, “Are you Mr. Southern‘s friend?” Waylon looked outside through the window absentmindedly and replied, “Well, you can put it that way too if you want.” 

Minzy did not expect him to know Cameron, and it seemed to her that they were rather close too. If she had known it earlier, she wouldn‘t have done that to Cameron in the private room yesterday. But on second thought, Cameron was a man, so he would forgive her, right? 

With that thought in her mind, she asked nervously, “Are you guys close?” 

Waylon was stunned. He placed the cup in front of his lips and squinted his eyes. “Is that important for you, Ms. Holland?” 

She knew it was a bit disrespectful to ask a question like this. She offered him an apologetic grin and said, “I just want to know more about you guys.” 

He took a sip from the tea and put the cup down. Whipping a smile, he replied, “Why don‘t you ask Mr. Southern about this question? I‘m sure he‘ll be very happy to tell you the answer.” 

Minzy was stunned and felt embarrassed. 

Meanwhile, Cameron came upstairs with a fan in her hand. She hid behind the door and eavesdropped on their conversation as she wanted to know what was going on inside. 

She flipped her fan open to cover her face and poked her head out carefully. 

Both of them sat face to face. Minzy was sitting with her back facing the door, so she couldn‘t see her expression. As for Waylon, he was behaving normally, and there was no expression on his face. 

Minzy was studying Waylon from head to toe inwardly. Judging from the fact that he rarely talked and she was the one who initiated the conversation, she knew that he was not into her. 

She felt a little bit disappointed when the thought surfaced in her head and pressed her lips thin. “Do you have a girlfriend, Mr. Goldmann?” Waylon lifted his eyelids and looked past her at the person that was peeking at them from the 

other side of the door. 

Cameron knew he had noticed her, but she was not going away. Grinning like a Cheshire Cat, she clenched her hand into a fist and raised her arm in the air as a sign to root for him. 

As he lowered his head, he traced his finger around the rim of the cup and chuckled meaningfully. “Have you never heard of the rumors that are going around the island, Ms. Holland?” 

“What rumors?” she asked, confusion filling her voice. 

Waylon looked at her and replied, “The rumors about Mr. Southern and me.” 

Cameron’s smile froze, and a bad feeling rose up from her stomach pit. 

Minzy was stunned. “What happened between you and Mr. Southern?” 

Waylon caressed his watch and said nonchalantly, “We have a thing for each other.” 

Minzy’s expression froze, and she seemed surprised. 

Cameron couldn’t hold herself anymore and stepped into the private room. “How could you do this to me, Mr. Goldmann!? Even if you don’t have a thing for Ms. Holland, you shouldn’t have smeared my reputation.” 

Minzy turned her head around to look at Cameron. And then she looked at Waylon again as a shocked expression appeared on her face. 

Waylon lifted his head to look at her and chucked. “Really? Am I really smearing your reputation? Then who’s the one that took off my clothes, rammed into my arms, and slept on my bed in the hospital?” 

Cameron was stunned. “What are you talking about? How the hell would I know who slept in your bed-” 

“The fishing village,” he said meaningfully. 

Cameron was stumped. 

“But even so, we were just sleeping on the same bed. We didn’t do anything at all, so don’t try to smear my reputation…” 

Waylon rose to his feet and walked toward her. 

He raised his finger and pointed at her fan. Suddenly, he grabbed her cheeks, and Cameron froze. Just when she tried to push him away and shouted, “What do you want―” 


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