The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2180

Chapter 2180 Waylon did not defy her claim. “I’ve been awake from the moment you came in.” Cameron was stumped. “So, you‘ve been pretending to be asleep the whole time?” He chuckled. “If I didn‘t pretend to be asleep, how would I know what you were trying to do?” 

Cameron was so angry that the veins on the corner of her forehead bulged. She felt as if she had been toyed with by him. She took a deep breath, placed her hands on her waist, and said, “ Initially, I wanted to buy you a new shirt, but since you toyed with me like that, I think I don‘t want to buy you any clothes anymore.” 

He raised his eyebrows. “I didn‘t want you to buy me new clothes either. But since you want to 

He got down from the bed and stood in front of her with his arms spread. “Take all the measurements you want.” 

Cameron was stunned. She turned her head sideways and said, “I don‘t want to.” 

Waylon pulled her hand, and before she could come around to her senses, he had already placed her arms around his waist. She was standing very close to him, and she was stunned. After a long while, his voice rang out above her. “Are you done?” She snapped back to reality and quickly lowered her head to take the tape ruler out. She braced herself and took the measurement of his waist. After that, she jumped away from him and said, “Alright, it‘s done.” 

Cameron left his bedroom without turning his head back and rushed all the way back to her room after closing the door. 

She leaned against the door and placed her hand on her chest. Her heart was pumping so fast that it nearly jumped out of her throat. She was just measuring his waist. It was something very normal, but why was her heart pumping so fast? Meanwhile, Sunny was meeting with Fabio. He already knew Fabio‘s intention of coming here, so he was not surprised. He took up the cup and asked, “So what do you offer, Mr. Puzo?” 

He said, “If you can help me, I promise I won‘t do anything to the Southern Clan anymore. If you don‘t trust me, we can sign an agreement.” Sunny took a sip of tea and chuckled. “But why do I have to involve myself in the fight between you and Donald?” 

Fabio‘s face sank. “It won‘t do the Southern Clan any good if Donald takes control over the East Islands. I‘m sure you are aware of that, right, Mr. Southern Sr.?” Sunny looked at the tea in his cup and fell into thought. After a short while, he said, “You‘re right, Mr. Puzo. It won‘t benefit the Southern Clan if Donald takes control over the East Islands.” 

Fabio chuckled. “You care for nothing but the benefits of the Southern Clan. Cooperating with us is the right choice.” 

Sunny nodded. “I‘ll consider it.” 

Fabio rose to his feet and left with his men. 

Sunny picked up his teacup and looked outside through the window. He seemed calm and relaxed. 

Mahina came into the private room and looked at him. “Fabio won’t trust us so easily, but he chose to risk himself.” 

“Now that things have come to this point, he has no other choice. If he doesn‘t want Donald to take away everything he has, he needs to work with us. Besides, he‘s very clear that I won‘t let Donald take control over the East Islands either for the sake of the Southern Clan.” 

Sunny put the cup down and continued. “Donald hasn‘t completely taken control over Fabio‘s men yet, so he has been keeping an eye on Fabio. If he learns that Fabio came to us, he‘ll also make his move.” 

Mahina asked, “So are we going to release the news?” 

“Of course, we are.” Sunny rose to his feet slowly. “I won‘t simply go up against Donald just because Fabio asks us to. Send someone to release the information about the mole to Fabio. After all, it‘s only then Fabio will go all out against Donald. After both of them fight each other to death, only then we‘ll step in and get everything we need.” 


Donald was standing in front of the aquarium, looking at the piranhas fighting each other for a piece of meat. The water was dyed red with blood, and one couldn‘t see through what was going on inside. Chunky came in and said, “Sir, Fabio has proposed to work with Sunny.” 


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