The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1270

“Maya, don’t blame me! When the time comes, I’ll only absorb your blood essence, but I won’t take your life! From then on, you’ll live as a normal human being. I’ll give you some money. You can leave California and make a living out there!” Papa Hanson said.
“Hahahahaha!” Maya Howards started laughing. However, her laughter was filled with desolation. Suddenly, she seemed imposing. She had fully revealed all her martial arts cultivation.
“Half-stepped Grandmaster!” Alex Rockefeller looked at Maya with an incredulous expression upon his face.
Alex was the one who introduced martial arts to Maya, and he was also the one who designed the cultivation techniques specifically for her. But within a short amount of time, she had actually managed to break through to half-stepped Grandmaster.
If Zayn Stoermer and the others found out, they might be so depressed that they’d jump into a river to cool off. This was way too unacceptable!
Despite working hard to cultivate all their lives, other people still needed Alex’s help to become a Grandmaster with much difficulty.
Maya, a young lady, completed the journey that would take them all their lives within three to four months.
Papa Hanson was also shocked by Maya’s level of cultivation.
However, he soon recovered from the shock In fact, he became excited.
“Maya, I didn’t think you’d become a half-stepped Grandmaster so soon. That means your bloodline’s capabilities are even more excellent than I had thought. It’s really amazing! Maya, you’re my lucky star! As long as I absorb your bloodline, my cultivation would definitely be able to get past its current bottleneck!” Papa Hanson exclaimed.
He was actually unafraid of a half-stepped Grandmaster. Moreover, he seemed even to be glad about it.
Maya dashed forward and charged at Papa.
The two of their palms collided against each other. Papa Hanson’s arm instantly became covered in frost. However, he was soon able to shake it off. Yet, Maya suffered greatly. She stumbled three steps back. A huge force had pushed her backward.
‘He’s powerful!’ Maya thought.
Moreover, Maya could immediately sense odd energy digging around in her body. It seemed to cause her blood to flow in the opposite direction, and it felt extremely uncomfortable.
After Papa Hanson attacked her once, he stopped and looked at Maya. “Maya, I don’t want to kill you. Don’t force me!”
Maya chuckled coldly. “You’re saying weird things. You’re the one who wants to take my bloodline away, and yet you say I’m forcing you. I think you’re the one who’s forcing me.”
Papa Hanson shook his head. “I don’t have a choice then,” he said before attacking once more.
This time, Maya was actually pushed backward again.
However, this time, she only took two steps back. That was because Alex caught her… Alex instantly transferred the Ultimate Book of Medicine’s spiritual power into Maya’s body. After that, Alex looked coldly at Papa Hanson. “Are you someone from the Blood Cult too?”
Papa Hanson seemed even more shocked. “Do you know about the Blood Cult?”
Alex nodded. “I do,” he said.
“In that case, you can’t be spared,” Papa Hanson said. He seemed to be filled with bloodlust.
As he released energy wildly through his body, a bloody, demonic aura began to rumble around him. The mud surface beneath him was split apart by his demonic aura, which made an explosive, smacking sound.
“Die!” Papa Hanson yelled.
Alex’s gaze turned cold. He also reached out with a punch.
“Dragon-Tusk Cloud Piercer!” Alex yelled.
Alex’s Dragon-Tusk Punch that had a lightning effect collided against Papa Hanson’s fist. Papa Hanson was immediately sent flying far away. He was in so much shock that his eyeballs nearly fell out of their sockets.
Papa Hanson spat out a mouthful of blood.
“You’re actually a martial arts cultivator! That’s even better. I’ll let you have a taste of my treasure!” Papa Hanson said as he flipped his hand around and retrieved a pearl.
Alex’s eyes instantly lit up.


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