The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2201

Chapter 2201 

“You’ve always been very vigilant, but when all hell breaks loose, it’s only natural for you not to notice the change in the number of people. Would you care when your gun was replaced by another gun?” 

The appearance of the police had already ruined his plan. He would never find out that Jake had taken the opportunity to switch his gun out for another one because his attention was not on himself throughout the whole time. 

Donald laughed. “Nollace Knowles, you’re indeed extremely ruthless. You clearly knew that he was in the same car as us, but you still tried to knock us over to stop us. Weren’t you afraid that he would die too?” 

Nollace’s expression looked indifferent. “I didn’t intend to kill you, but if I hadn’t done something to force you into stopping the car, he still wouldn’t make it out alive once your men found out that something smelled fishy with him.” 

Jake would only be safe when chaos and danger hit. 

If Jake had not improvised and driven the car directly toward the police, Chunky would probably have killed him by sinking a bullet from the front passenger seat into his head. He might not even live long enough for him to drive the car to the end of the alley. 

And Nollace’s sudden appearance blocked their way forward and led to the accident, which caused Jake to fall unconscious. So, after all that happened, who would doubt him at the end of the day? 

The sirens became louder and louder as the police cars approached the location, and soon, several cars appeared at the intersection and pulled over on the sides of the road. 

More than a dozen policemen in raincoats approached the scene with their guns until they found that Donald had lost the ability to fight back and arrested him on the ground. 

Donald was pressed against the ground, and his hands were handcuffed. When he was about to be taken away by the police, he turned around and glared at Nollace. “It’s the shame of my life to lose to you bags of tricks. You won.” 

Donald was brought into a bulletproof vehicle. 

Waylon opened an umbrella and got out of his car. 

Nollace was exhausted, and the moment he relaxed, he could barely stay upright, so Jake supported him immediately. 

Waylon placed the umbrella over his head and followed Jake as he helped him to the car. 

He got into the car, and Waylon brought him a clean towel. “Are you injured? Do you need me to summon one of the medical staff here?” 

He took the towel from him, wiped himself, and smiled. “I promised Daisie not to get hurt again, and I’ve not broken my promise this time around.” 

The rain stopped soon. 

The originally gloomy sky seemed to have been baptized as it became gradually clearer. 


When Waylon brought Nollace back to Southerns, Sunny and Mahina were relieved to see that he had come back in one piece. Daisie‘s eyes were bloodshot. She dashed straight toward him and threw herself into his arms. Nollace almost fell back due to the sudden momentum and had to take two steps backward to neutralize it. He was soaked all over, so he did not dare to hug her. “Daisie, my clothes are still wet.” Daisie started checking his body for injuries. “Let‘s see if you‘re injured first.” Nollace grabbed her hand and smiled. “No, I‘m fine.” 

“For real?” 

“Of course.” He held the back of her hand. “I didn‘t lie to you this time.” Daisie pushed him into the manor. “Okay, now go take a shower and change into some proper clothes, or you‘ll catch a cold.” 

Waylon shook his head and let off a helpless smile. 

At this time, Sunny came over and asked, “Has Donald been arrested?” 

Waylon nodded. “By the time we arrived at the scene, Donald was already so weak and fatigued that he had no strength to resist.” Sunny saw Jake and placed his hand on his shoulder. “It‘s not easy for you and Nollace to take such a huge risk and still get out in one piece.” Jake replied with a smile, “Mr. Knowles knew that even if Donald were to arrive at the pier, he‘d never surrender without putting up a fight. That‘s why he came up with such a plan.” Nollace knew Donald very well. When he was in Fabio‘s place, he actually sacrificed his men so that he could escape.


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