The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2213

Chapter 2213 

Cameron turned her head sideways and replied, “I’m not.” 

Waylon chuckled. “This is new, Cameron. I thought you were used to seeing men’s bodies since you have been staying under the same roof with other men the whole time?” 

Cameron turned her head around to meet his gaze. “Are you serious? I’m not embarrassed at all. I dare you to strip yourself naked.” 

Waylon looked at her silently. 

With a triumphant grin on her face, Cameron went closer to him and said, “I thought you wouldn’t feel embarrassed at all, Wayne. But it seems like I was wrong. It’s okay. I don’t mind seeing it again.” 

She was going to win against Waylon once, even if it meant throwing away her own dignity. 

Cameron coiled her finger around the button on his shirt. However, before she could do anything, he stopped her and narrowed his eyes. Are you serious about this?” 

It went without saying that Cameron was just joking with him. After all, what if he was even more shameless than she was? She just wanted to put him in a tight spot. She wasn’t going to strip him naked at all. 

She wanted to withdraw her hand, but Waylon grabbed it tightly.” Cameron, even though you’ve pretended to be a man for many years, do you really understand men?” 

Cameron was stunned and did not know how to answer his question. 

Waylon stroked the back of her hand with his finger and took another step forward to shorten the distance between them even further. “You think you understand men, but in reality, you don’t. Those men you came across were either your opponents or comrades and subordinates. They didn’t know your true identity and didn’t dare to threaten you that way. But you’re a woman now, and that’s a whole 

different story.” 

“What’s the difference?” she asked blankly. 

Waylon dragged her into his arms, stunning her. She tried to struggle and free herself, but his hold was too tight. Suddenly, she felt something pressing against her thigh and froze. 

She looked at Waylon in disbelief and said, “You…” 

Waylon secured her tightly in his arms and leaned over. Whispering into her ear, he said, “Now you know what the difference is? There are men who you can’t tease.” 

Cameron’s face burned scarlet, and just when he released her, she took a step back hurriedly and left the cabin. 

Waylon placed his hand over his face and looked at the food on the table through the slits of his fingers. 

He just wanted to tell her that she shouldn’t go around and say something like that to other men, but it seemed to him that he had scared her away. 

The ship arrived at Dylan’s Pier the following morning. There were a few limousines parked near it. 

Quincy and the others who had returned one day early had come to pick them up. 

Daisie handed her suitcase to Nollace and turned around to look at 

Cameron and Waylon. 

She did not know why but detected some awkwardness between the 

two of them. 

Nollace grabbed her shoulder and said, “Let’s get into the car first.” 

“But Cameron 

Before she could finish her sentence, Nollace glanced at them and interrupted her. “Your eldest brother will take care of her.” 

Daisie and Nollace went into the car at the back. 

The bodyguard walked up to Waylon and said, “Young Master Waylon, this way, please.” 

“Okay,” he replied. After that, he handed this suitcase to the bodyguard and turned his head to look at Cameron. 

Cameron spun her head sideways and said, “I can carry it myself.” 

She then carried her suitcase into the trunk. 

Waylon chuckled and went into the car first. 

Once Cameron got into the car, she pulled her phone out to make a hotel reservation. Just when she was about to make the payment, she found out that her card was frozen. She tried another two cards, but her balance was limited. 

She clenched her phone tightly and took a deep breath. 

She was confident that this must be her father’s doing. 

She put her phone away and swore inwardly that she would get revenge on her father when she returned later. 

While they were on their way, Cameron sent messages to Mahina and Damian to ask for money. 


Mahina: [I’m sorry, miss. Mr. Southern Sr. told me that he’d dock my pay for six months if I lend you money.] 

Damian: [It’s not that I don’t want to lend you any money, but I can’t. You know your father better than me, so… Just stay in Bassburgh and play for a while. I’m sure they’ll treat you well.] 

Cameron put her phone down and leaned against the back of the chair. 

“This is one hell of a move, Dad!‘ 

Cameron turned her sideways and looked at the man beside her. His eyes were closed. She stretched her hand forward and poked at his arm. 


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