The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2395

Chapter 2395 

Waylon played with her hair. “Go ahead.” 

Cameron was a little uncomfortable. How would she be able to eat when she’s sitting on his lap? 

She picked up a rib, but her neck felt ticklish before she could take a bite. She chuckled and pushed her elbow into his chest. “Wayne, enough.” 

Waylon rested his chin on her shoulder and lazily said, “When the pig is fat enough, I’ll be able to eat her.” 

Cameron blushed and chuckled. “Who are you calling a pig?” 

He moved closer to her ear and whispered, “Piggy Cam.” 

Cameron was going to playfully hit him when Waylon grabbed onto her wrist, cupped her face, and kissed her. 

They got back to the room, and their sweaters came off and slid down the side of the bed. Waylon was on top of her when she accidentally touched his chest, feeling the warmth through his shirt. 

Cameron pulled her hand back, but Waylon seemed to expect that and grabbed her hand. “It’s too late to back down now.” 

Waylon pinched her chin and kissed her lips. 

A surge of emotions and feelings rolled in. 

It ended after who knew how long. 

Waylon pulled Cameron into his arms, moved the hair stuck to her neck away, and kissed her forehead. 

She was finally his. 

Cameron slept for the longest time, and the lights were already on when she woke turned around and said with a hoarse voice, “Wayne…” 

up. She 

He had just gotten out of the shower and heard her calling his name. “You’re up?” 

She buried her face in the pillow and whispered, “I need some water.‘ 

He poured her a glass of warm water and sat at the edge of the bed. Cameron still didn’t look at him. “Leave it on the table.” 

Waylon leaned in. “Do you need me to feed you?” 

Cameron glared at him. “Go away!” 

He smiled. “I’m here to stay.” 

Her ears turned red, so Waylon stopped teasing her, left the glass on the table, and asked 

where else was sore. 

She clenched her jaw. “Shut up.” 

Her stomach started to growl after saying that. 

Waylon wrapped her up in a blanket and carried her. 

Cameron rested on his chest, placed her head on his shoulder, and said, “I can walk.” 

He rested his chin on the top of her head. “Are you sure?” 

Cameron didn’t reply. She wasn’t sure, but she knew that she probably couldn’t stand. 

Waylon carried her into the walk–in closet and picked up some of her innerwear. 

Cameron sat on the chair and took them with even more shyness. “Go out.” 

“Alright, I’ll wait for you in the living room.” He walked outside and closed the door. 

Cameron changed and walked down the stairs. 

Waylon was preparing supper in the kitchen. 

Soon, there was a warm bowl of udon on the table. Cameron sat down and saw love bites clearly around his collar. She looked away, then picked up her fork and started eating. 

Waylon watched her while resting his head on his fist, his eyes filled with happiness. 

The next day… 

Cameron woke up from Waylon’s kiss. She squinted lazily, weakly pushed him away, and grumbled, “Enough…” 

They had spent a lot of time in bed, so she would like to get more sleep. 

Waylon chuckled and kissed the corner of her eyes. “Your father called you 

She immediately sat up. “Dad?” 

He nodded and played with her hair. “I picked it up.” 

Cameron asked anxiously. “What did he say?” 

this morning.” 

Waylon looked at her face. “You’ve been in Bassburgh for a while now. Do you want to go back and visit him?”


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