The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2401

Chapter 2401 

“What should we do now? We can’t even get in.” The middle aged man looked very anxious too. 

Cameron saw a ventilation duct all of a sudden. 

In the basement… 

Waylon had already defeated all enemies and used up half of his energy 

His back was drenched in sweat, and the clean and white clothes were all stained, torn, and wrinkled. 

The ship suddenly swayed when Waylon walked out of the operating room, and he hit the wall His injured and bleeding art hit the pipe on the wall, causing him to frown in pain. 

He took out his cell phone, but there was no signal 

Waylon walked out of the freight elevator covering his arms, and his gaze landed on the window. 

A layer of thick mist had begun to shroud the surface of the ocean, and the distant view was blurred. 

He clicked his tongue and hurried toward the cockpit. 

Cameron arrived at the cockpit through the ventilation duct, kicked open the metal cover of the duct, and jumped down from above. 

She then opened the hatch immediately. 

The captain heard the commotion and was about to look back when Cameron instantly pressed the sharp dagger in her hand against the back of his head. “Don’t move!” 

The captain froze in place. “What do you want…” 

The female attendant came in at that moment. “Captain, please stop the ship. The sea has started to fog up!” 

The captain sneered. He was not afraid of Cameron’s threat. “If you kill me now, that’s it for this ship.” 

Cameron’s expression turned stern. “So, do you plan to disregard the safety of all the passengers on board, including yourself?” 

“So what? If I’m sure to be apprehended by the police, I might as well drag everyone on board down to hell with me now.” 

The female attendant’s face turned pale in an instant. “Sir, have you lost your mind?” Cameron looked back at the middle-aged man. “How long have you been sailing?” 

The middle-aged man replied, “Twenty years.” 

The captain was stunned for a moment as if he did not expect anyone else to know how to conn a ship. He took advantage of the others’ unawareness and pressed the thrust reverser abruptly. 

When a large ship was throttling at high speed, it was difficult for it to decelerate and come to a complete halt in one second. As for the thrust reverser, it reversed the propeller and rotated the rotor of the ship at a large angle. 

The boat tilted sideways, and everyone on board lost their balance. Even the beverages, tableware, tables, and chairs on the deck tumbled to the ground. 

The people in the cockpit fell to the floor because of the sudden loss of balance. 

The middle-aged man realized what the captain was planning to do and shouted anxiously, Crap, stop him now! The ship will capsize if this continues!” 

The  process was equivalent to putting a car into reverse gear. 

If the captain of a ship were to drop the anchor while the boat was accelerating at high speed, using the force to increase the resistance in order to stop the boat instantly, it would force the ship to decelerate rapidly, and the anchor’s chain might break. The windlass would also be damaged. 

This operation was extremely dangerous. If it were not performed perfectly, the boat would capsize. 

Cameron dashed forward in time and subdued the captain to the floor. She held him down and lifted her head. “You’re up!” 

Before the middle-aged man could return to his senses, Cameron shouted, “You have to believe in yourself! Otherwise, your experience of conning a cargo ship for 20 years will be wasted in this case! 

“I… I’ll do my best.” The middle-aged man grabbed the helm, but he was very scared and flustered at the moment. 

After all, he was only a cargo ship’s captain. There were so many people on board the cruise ship. All the passengers would die on his watch if there were any deviations or mistakes. 

The subdued captain on the floor laughed out loud. “You want a cargo ship captain to conn a cruise ship? Keep dreaming! Hahaha, there’s no way that he can do it without me. I know this ship better than anyone else!” 

A thick layer of mist outside the windshield completely blocked the line of sight while the route on the screen had been turned off. The whole process was tantamount to blind navigation. 

The middle-aged man could not see the condition of the ocean’s surface, and he could not even see the positioning of the cruise ship. If they were to run into any obstacles or ships that were also lost in the mist at this time, it would be the end for everyone on board.


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