The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2402

Chapter 2402 

The middle-aged man was sweating profusely, and his hands that were holding the helm were trembling too. 

Cameron glanced at him. 

‘I can’t act anxiously now. My anxiousness will directly affect him.” 

“Have you ever encountered such a situation when you were conning a cargo ship?” 

The middle-aged man gulped his saliva and responded, “This is extremely rare. 

She stayed calm and asked him frankly, “If you were to run into such a situation, what would you do?” 

The middle-aged man was stunned for a moment. 

‘The inertia of a boat traveling at such a high speed is very high, and it’s not easy to stop it under such a circumstance.’ 

“If this were to happen to me…’ 

The middle-aged man took a deep breath. 

‘No one wants to die, and neither do 1. At this moment, I can only give it a try Maybe we’ll still have a chance. We won’t have any chance at survival if I don’t try ‘ 

He held the helm tightly. When sailing in such a thick mist, being vigilant and avoiding collisions were the principles to follow. The anchor that had been lowered before this was dragged along the seabed, creating loud friction. 

The middle-aged man switched to the main engine to stall the sail, slowing the speed of the cruise ship by a little. Combined with his thrust reverser operating skills, he tried to reduce the damage to the main engine caused by the abrupt reversal of the ship that the captain brought about earlier, and the ship began to slow down gradually. 

When the cruise ship stopped, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The passengers who were frightened and weeping hugged each other and cried in joy. 

The middle-aged man could not believe that he had actually managed to stop the boat. 

The attendant cheered. “It’s stopped. It finally stopped!” 

The captain, who Cameron subdued, was stunned. 

‘How is this possible!? A cargo ship captain actually stopped the ship after I left it in a catastrophic situation by performing an abrupt thrust reversal and a one-sided instant anchoring!?’ 

Cameron punched the captain in the face, causing him to howl. “Just look at your pathetic look. How did you even make it here as a cruise ship captain?” 

The helicopter finally found the moored cruise ship in the mist and called the maritime police’s patrol ship, “The ship has stopped safely, and we’re approaching it now.” 

The commander nodded. “Okay, we’ll be there in a second.” 

After hanging up the satellite phone, the pilot turned around and said, “Contact all nearby ships and ask them to prepare for emergency avoidance lest collisions.” 

On the cruise ship, Cameron tied the heavily injured captain. 

The captain looked devastated. “This is it. I’m as good as dead now.” 

Cameron removed his smelly socks and shoved them in his mouth. “If you have anything to say, say it to the police.” 

Cameron asked the middle-aged man and the attendant to keep a close eye on him, got up hurriedly, and went out to search for Waylon. 

When she saw a man who looked wounded and ruffled in the corridor, she was astonished and ran toward him immediately. “Wayne Goldmann!” 

She reached out and grabbed his arm, and he hissed sharply. 

Only then did Cameron realize that his arm was injured and bleeding “Aren’t you a great fighter? How did you get so battered?” 

Waylon leaned against her, smiled, and mocked her. “I’ve given all my strength to you. What 

you expect me to have left?” 

Cameron choked on her reply, punched him in the shoulder, and hugged him abruptly. Waylon was slightly startled and stared down at her. A hint of tenderness flashed across his eyes upon seeing that she was feeling distressed because of him. “I’m fine, so don’t worry.” She raised her head. “Why didn’t you get beaten into a pulp above the neck level?” 

He smirked. “You like my face, so I did everything I could to protect it.” 

“You make it sound like I’m such a shallow and superficial person…” 

“Then what do you like about me?” Waylon shifted part of his weight onto her as if he would black out and collapse at any moment. 

Cameron could not help but support him, and her eyes moved. “I have no idea.” 

“Cam, I’m rather tired.” As soon as he said so, he gradually and slowly closed his eyes and lost consciousness. 

Cameron was instantly shocked, and she supported him to prevent him from falling to the ground. “Wayne! Wayne Goldmann!” 


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