The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1480

The black striped monk yelled, “I’m not satisfied, I’m not contented! Buddhism is a path of cultivation. What’s the purpose of cultivating Buddhism, and What is the use of Buddhism?”

The fair-faced monk put his hands together. “Virtuous knowledge, enlightenment of oneself, originally pure, but with this heart, you can attain Buddhahood!”

“Black Stripe, you are initially my evil thoughts. You were born because of me, and you will perish with me. I can go with the burning flame of Buddhism too! The only wishes I have are that this unjustified knot will be solved once and for all, the barriers of sins will be removed forever, those evil thoughts will never appear again, the enlightenment will never retreat. Excellent, excellent!”

The voice of the fair-faced monk was loud like rolling thunder, and it gave Alex a feeling of divine enlightenment.

In the next moment, the fair-faced monk glowed with endless golden light and turned into a form of golden energy, quickly piercing into Alex’s body.

Alex was astonished.

In fact, he didn’t even understand the old monk’s words and intention at all. He was worried that the reason the guy had gone into his body was to take over it.

But soon, a mass of information passed into his sea of consciousness. This was the last thing that the fair-faced monk passed onto him.

It let him understand one thing, the fair-faced monk had an honorific title called Revealer, and Black Stripe was his evil thoughts that had been cut out by his Sword of Wisdom later, allowing the lump of evil thoughts to form its own consciousness. Once it had its own thoughts, Black Stripe wanted to destroy Buddhism, and topple over the entire foundation of Buddhism.

In the end, he obviously didn’t succeed.

Revealer had managed to recover the evil thoughts. However, at the time, the evil thoughts had long since taken its own shape, which was equivalent to another complete soul. Revealer used his own body in exchange to seal the black patterns of evil thoughts into the shattered Chaos heads, but Black Stripe still did not give up and had established the Mirage Dragon Realm, waiting to grab a chance to be reborn through possession.

Then, he ran into Alex, who had the Mother Chaos in his mind palace.

“No, no!”

“Revealer, you’re wrong, you’re wrong! You shouldn’t do this, you shouldn’t!” Black Stripe’s face and Revealer’s face appeared alternatively, looking very much like schizophrenia. Finally, Black Stripe also passed a dash of thoughts into Alex’s mind, “Brat, remember to not believe in Revealer’s nonsense. Don’t cultivate Buddhism, it’s a scam, an extremely shocking scam! It’s purpose is to obliterate humanity. I will pass you a technique, it’s called Brahma’s Supreme Touch. It’ll be able to save your life if you ever encounter the great power of Buddha.”

With a gush of thought, he was enlightened with perfect wisdom, the flawless Buddhist teachings. And then, whether it was Revealer or Black Stripe, both entered into his body.

They still had soul power. However, with just a turn from the Chaos Bead, those soul powers collapsed.

On the other hand, Alex felt a huge force explode in his body, impacting his internal organs and his meridians. His cultivation base rose rapidly… He was initially only at the early stage of Divine Transcendence, but it soon hit the intermediate stage.

And then, it reached the advanced stage. Then, it had reached the peak!

He was only one step away from Core Formation.

He was only one step away from Core Formation.

As for Brahma’s Supreme Touch that Black Stripe had given him, it didn’t need Alex’s control. To his surprise, it had been evolving in his sea of consciousness, just like it had been practically engraved into his soul. He knew it now even if he didn’t want to.

In this case, it was unknown how long it took.

As the Buddhist melodies in his ear gradually disappeared, the scenery in front of him suddenly changed. He had returned to reality. Then, he found out that an entire day and night had passed.

After that, he received a call from Dorothy, learning that the Thousand Miles Conglomerate had faced a great change and it was about to be overturned.

Countless crimes had been listed by the government. Circumstances at Thousand Miles had even constantly changed, with gunshots being heard from inside the building.

Alex rushed to the Thousand Miles building immediately. He happened to hear Lennox’s words.

“I have an opinion in regards to that!”

“Who are you?” Lennox frowned. “Do you even have the right to speak here?”

Alex was calm as he replied, “Weren’t you looking for me? You don’t even know who I am? I am Master Rockefeller.”


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