The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2404

Chapter 2404 

Sunny had not taken his eye off the news all this while. 

‘He just got involved in a scandal with Minzy not long ago, didn’t he? That news almost scared me to death back then. I was that close to thinking that I was about to lose such an excellent son-in-law.’ 

“Dad!” Cameron stepped into the courtyard, and as expected, she saw the decorations that had just been taken down from the walls of the courtyard. “Did you prepare a secret wedding banquet for Wayne and me? Why didn’t you ask me for my opinion first?” 

Sunny frowned. “Why aren’t you accompanying Willy in the hospital?” 

Cameron crossed her arms and said, “He’s no longer a kid. Why would he need me to be by his side to watch over him?” 

“You…” Sunny felt exasperated and helpless at the same time. “I really don’t know what else I can say about you, I guess I’ll give it to you straight once and for all today. 

“Yes, you might think you’re in the position to play hard to get, but you’d better not come back here in tears when your husband leaves you for another woman.” 

Probably because of Waylon’s scandal with Minzy, Sunny had begun to worry about the relationship between his daughter and Waylon. 

Cameron narrowed her eyes. “What do you think about all day long when I’m not around?” 

Sunny stacked his hands behind his back and snorted softly. “Willy treats you well. At least his heart is now with you. However, a relationship requires both parties to constantly move closer to each other. You can’t just stay put and ask Willy to come to you all the time, as he might one day get tired of you if you never take the initiative and put in any effort.” 

Cameron was dumbfounded and did not utter a single word for a long time. 

‘I came back to question him about not asking me for my opinion on the wedding banquet, yet why am I the one who gets taught a lesson in the end? 

‘Both parties have to constantly move closer to each other, huh? 

‘If my memory serves me well, Wayne has always been the one who takes the initiative regarding our relationship. As for me…’ 

In the evening… 

Cameron came into the ward with dinner. The nurse had just come over to change Waylon’s bandages. 

Seeing that Waylon was undoing his shirt unhurriedly, Cameron immediately frowned. “You only hurt your arm, so why do you need to take off your shirt?” 

The nurse chuckled instantly. “It seems that your girlfriend is jealous of me?” 

Waylon responded with a hum, and the affection and hilarity that were surging in his eyes could no longer be concealed. “Yeah, that’s bad news. It takes me ages to coax her whenever she gets jealous.” 

Cameron was shocked by his statement. 

“That means she cares about you. What type of woman would want her boyfriend to be touched by other women?” The nurse continued while preparing the bandages and ointment. “Just rolling up your sleeve will do.” 

After the nurse changed the bandages and left, Cameron placed the dinner on the table and did not speak 

for a long time. 

Waylon lifted his gaze. He had always enjoyed seeing Cameron get all nervous and jealous of other women. However, she might lose her cool someday if he continuously challenged her limits. 

“What’s for dinner?” 

Cameron did not want to talk to him. 

He chuckled, stretched out his hand, pulled her closer to him, and glanced up at her. “Are you really going to ignore me?” 

She uttered each and every word harshly, with a short pause in between each word. “You’d, better, apologize.” 

He did not even ask for the reason and apologized without any hesitation. “Okay, I’ll apologize. I’m sorry.” 

Cameron lowered her gaze. “Were you… Were you testing me again?” 

He froze for a split second and stared at her. “Huh?” 

She turned her face away. “You only want to see me get all worked up, don’t you? So let me make it clear to you now. I’m indeed very pissed, I don’t like other women touching you, and I don’t like you getting too close to other women.” 

‘If a person will get tired after taking all the initiative for a long time, then Wayne will one day get there if I remain indifferent. 

‘He’s been trying his best to probe and test me precisely only because he wants me to admit my thoughts. 

‘Before this, I’ve never told him face to face that I would be jealous.’ 

Just when she was a little distracted, Waylon pulled her into his arms, wrapped his arms around her, and stroked her cheek with his palm. “Then let me make things clear to you too. Listen carefully. I belong to you, just like how you belong to me. And since you don’t like me getting too close with other women, please keep an eye on me and don’t let those women approach me.”


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