The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2403

Chapter 2403 

After regaining consciousness, Waylon vaguely heard voices around him and slowly opened his eyes. As his eyes gradually got used to intense light, he started seeing several blurred figures standing around him. 



As soon as Waylon could clearly see the people around him and realized that they were Sunny and Cameron, he slowly sat up. 

Sunny supported him immediately. “You’re still recovering from your injuries, so take it easy.” 

Waylon glanced around the room and knew he was in a hospital. He then covered his face with his palms, rubbed his temples, and chuckled. “How long have I been out?” 

Sunny replied to him, “When Cam asked me to send someone to pick you up, you were already down and out. You have a fever caused by an infection of the wound.” 

He originally thought they could hold a wedding banquet as soon as they arrived at the East Islands, but no one expected such an incident to occur. As such, he could only postpone the banquet and find them another date. 

Sunny sighed and looked up at Cameron. “Cam, take good care of Willy.” 

After saying that, he left the ward with his men. 

The room became silent instantly. 

Cameron sat down on the edge of the bed and did not speak. 

Waylon stretched out his hand and stroked her cheek. “What’s wrong?” 

“It’s nothing.” She turned her face away. “In the future, if you encounter such a situation again, don’t push yourself too hard.” 

Waylon fiddled with the ends of her hair with his fingertips, and his eyes moved. “Then I’ll have to rely on you to protect me from now on.” 

Cameron crossed her arms. “That’s because you’re weak.” 

He lifted his gaze and said meaningfully, “Are you sure that I’m that weak physically?” 

Cameron was startled, her cheeks warmed up instantly, and she pushed him angrily. “If you keep giving me all this nonsense, I’ll kick your *ss.” 

Her movement was not huge, and she did not exert any strength. However, the moment she saw Waylon fall backward, she instinctively reached out and grabbed him, but unexpectedly, she got pulled into his arms. 

Waylon’s smirk intensified. 

Cameron realized that she had been played and bit his lip furiously. 

Waylon hissed, his brows furrowed, and he clasped the back of her head and kissed her. The kiss only ended after a long time, when the two of them were already running out of breath. 

Waylon rubbed the corner of her lips, and his fingertips felt as if they were on fire. 

“Young lady-“Just when Cameron was flustered for a moment, Mahina pushed the door open and rushed in. She did not expect to run into such a situation and instantly blushed. “I… I’m sorry. Please continue.” 

She then closed the door immediately. 

Cameron quickly got up and walked out. 

When Mahina turned her head and saw Cameron coming out, she was astonished for a bit. “Young lady, aren’t you going to continue?” 

Cameron glared at her. “Haven’t you seen enough? Do you want more of that?” 

Mahina sounded less serious at the moment. “You’re asking me to witness more of that? But I’m too embarrassed to stay there and watch you live.” 

Cameron pushed her. “Go f*ck yourself.” 

Mahina stopped joking around. “Mr. Southern has been busy all day, waiting for you to come back in order to organize the wedding banquet. It seems that the banquet will have to be postponed now.” 

Cameron was stunned. “A wedding banquet?” 

She nodded. “Don’t you know about that?” 

How would Cameron know about her father’s plan? She was also curious about the reason her father had asked them to come back! 

At this time, in the Southerns’ residence… 

Sunny sighed as he looked at the decorations being torn down in the courtyard. The butler walked up to him and said with a smile. “Mr. Southern, the young lady and Mr. Goldmann are still in the East Islands. The wedding banquet can be held at any time. The two of them can’t get away without attending the banquet.” 

“That’s the case so far, but I’m worried that that girl will go back on her word.” 

Sunny took a deep breath. 

‘After all, Cam really took her sweet time before she decided to marry Willy. If the wedding banquet isn’t held immediately, what will I do if she regrets her decision and comes back to me in the future? 

‘No matter what, a wedding ceremony has to be held here in the East Islands first. It won’t be an issue if the Goldmanns want to organize another ceremony in Zlokova. I’ll take their ceremony as a double insurance.” 

The butler said helplessly, “You really want your daughter to get married, huh?” 

“Wayne will make a remarkable son-in-law. It’s only natural for me to want to speed things up.”


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