The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2405

Chapter 2405 

Cameron frowned. “Don’t you know how to drive those women away by yourself?” 

Waylon smirked. “This is different. I like to stay under your control.” 

“Won’t you feel bothered?” 

“Why would something like this be bothersome to someone who regards these as the fun that spices up a relationship?” Waylon kissed the corner of her eyes. “Even if you were to cause me trouble everywhere you go, I’d be more than happy to accept them as part of my life.” 

She pinched his cheek. “What do you mean by causing trouble everywhere? I- Hmm!” 

Waylon sealed her lips, and Cameron immediately propped her hands against his chest. “Wayne Goldmann, you haven’t had dinner yet…” 

“I’ll have my dessert first.” 

“Since when is there dessert?” 

Waylon turned over and trapped her in his arms. “Aren’t you my dessert?” 

He blatantly caressed her from head to toe, and she gritted her teeth and blushed. “Wayne Goldmann, get off me!” 

Not long after Waylon was discharged from the hospital, Sunny started hinting them to hold a wedding banquet in the East Islands. He could not allow them to drag this out any longer. 

That day, the two of them were sitting in the living room, listening to Sunny’s undisguised hints, and that made Cameron laugh. “You just can’t wait to drive me out of the Southerns, can you?” 

Sunny’s expression stiffened. “You brat, what do you think you’re saying? What do you mean by driving you out? How are the Southerns no longer your family after you get married?” 

She snorted and turned her face away. 

Waylon smiled and said calmly, “Actually, as long as Cam is willing to marry me, I’m okay with anything. Even if she wants to come back and live here in the future, I can live here with her too.” 

Cameron pursed her lips and stared at him without uttering a single word. 

Sunny picked his teacup up, flicked the lid of the cup, and seemed to be very satisfied with Waylon’s response. “Glad to know where you stand in this matter.” 

He then drank his tea and added, “Then let’s not delay it anymore. We’ll hold the wedding banquet here 

next week.” 

Cameron was stunned for a split second. “What? That fast?” 

‘Next week? I don’t even get a buffer period?’ 

Sunny replied earnestly, “There’s a holiday next week, and that itself eases a lot of arrangements. Otherwise, we’ll have to wait until next month. Since it’s just a matter of time, it’s better to hold it sooner.” 

Sunny had already made up his mind, so he got up, walked to the butler, and instructed him on the to-do list of next week’s wedding banquet. 

At this time, at Bassburgh… 

Daisie and Hannah attended a winter fashion show. When the reporter asked her about Waylon and Cameron’s relationship, she responded with a grin, “Is there even a need for you to ask the question? Who else in the world is capable of becoming the eldest young lady of the Goldmanns?” 

As soon as she said that, all the media outlets present at the scene were astounded. 

It was clear to everyone that the Goldmanns really thought highly of Cameron. 

Of course, several reporters still would not stop without getting a trenchant reply out of Daisie. They compared Freyja and Cameron blatantly during the interview and asked Daisie whether she was more content with Cameron or Freyja. 

Daisie glared at the reporter, who just would not settle for a peaceful answer. “They’re my sisters-in-law. Is there any difference?” 

The reporter still would not give up. “Let’s just say you can only choose one.” 

Daisie gradually lost patience. “Do I look like someone who’s in the position of marrying one of them and is forced to pick only one of them?” 

Fortunately, Hannah was there to extinguish Daisie’s wrath. Otherwise, if the conversation were to go on, the news that would make the headline tomorrow would be Daisie getting into an argument with the reporter. 

Soon, she glanced through the noisy crowd. 

A car was parked behind the crowd, and Zephir got out of the car with a woman. 

Daisie was slightly startled by what she saw-that woman was none other than Zoey Markle. 

Zoey wrapped her arms around Zephir’s as they gracefully stepped onto the red carpet, seemingly 

unaffected by the countless haters that she brought onto herself when she painted a target on Daisie’s back when they attended the variety show together. 

Most of the reporters were not familiar with Zephir, but some of them knew his identity. However, 

compared to his identity, everyone was more curious about his relationship with Zoey. 

Hannah kept smiling but whispered to Daisie while standing right next to her, “That witch’s benefactors change as quickly as the blink of an eye. But that man looks rather familiar…


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