The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1483

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Geronimo Melvis started clapping from the side. He walked to the front of Grant Xenos and said, “Lord Commander, you have done a splendid job in this matter today. It shows that you are still really reliable in the cardinal questions of right and wrong.”

Grant’s face twitched.

Alex was his current master, but Geronimo was Alex’s grandfather. He had become inferior by two levels for no reason. His lips squirmed but he was unable to say a word.

However, there was only one voice that he could hear clearly, it was none other than Alex’s words.

‘Keep the relationship between you and I as a secret!’

‘Don’t let anyone find out about it!’

When Grant heard this, he understood immediately. The expression on his face also turned flamboyant. “Old Melvis, you are the one who has lost in my hands, what right do you have to talk to me like that? Did you secretly vomit blood from anger last time? To be honest, I know exactly what the situation you’re in. You’re only a pseudo Martial Honor. You want to surpass me in this life? There’s no chance!”

“Hmph, I’m a real Martial Honor now. If you don’t believe it, do you want to test it again?”

“Forget it! Such a huge commotion has already happened here, do you think the big shots really don’t know anything about it? Sigh, I have to clean up this mess now. That evil beast Gill Xenos, he has been arrogant using my name. I will give you an explanation later.”

“Oh? And how do you plan on doing that?”

“I am ready to punish my own family member if justice demands it!”

Grant’s words were actually directed to Alex. Having said that, he turned and left.

Alex didn’t pay much attention to the Lord Commander. He walked towards Waltz. His brows furrowed as he checked her for injuries. Then, he lifted her up in his arms. “Let’s go home first!”

Waltz hurriedly adjusted and pressed down her dress. “Hey, be careful. I’m wearing a traditional dress!”

Alex said, “Don’t you have pants? Why are you wearing a dress all day anyway, whom are you dressing up for?”

“For you, obviously!”

After talking, Waltz giggled before wrapping both arms around Alex’s neck, with her lips close to his ears. “Luckily your aunt came just now. Otherwise, I really wouldn’t be able to see you like this.”

“Oh? Where is she?”

Alex just so happened to be looking for her for something. When going into the tomb later, he was going to take Aunt Rockefeller with him.

Waltz shook her head. “I also don’t know, she disappeared right after.”


In these two days, Gill Xenos had come to California as well. He knew everything about Thousand Miles Conglomerate.

Under the deliberate advancement of Department Six, Thousand Miles was like a ticking time bomb. Countless business partners who had close ties with Thousand Miles had terminated their contracts with them due to pressure. Even if the business partners had to pay huge liquidated damages, there was nothing they could do.

Those in the business and commercial world would never be able to fight against those who held guns in their hands, unless they didn’t want to live any longer.

“D*mn it, that female president from Thousand Miles turns out to be such a rare beauty!” Gill threw a stack of photos on the table, with Waltz on them.

It was most likely pictures that had been found on the internet, and then had been printed.

Gill had only started paying attention to Thousand Miles after Winey had his limbs broken. Then, he found out from Winey that Waltz was a stunning beauty. Taking a glance at her photos at this moment, Gill was really amazed. she was even more beautiful, s*xy and enchanting than Cheryl or Phoebe, as if she was an innate succubus.

“I must have her!” As Gill spoke, he stroked the lower part of his body. Unfortunately, he didn’t feel anything at all.

After a while, his personal female assistant suddenly exclaimed, “Young Master Gill, you… You’ve wet yourself again!”

It turned out that Gill had long since lost control of peeing and he couldn’t feel anything. He didn’t realize it until the liquid had reached the ground…

At this moment, he felt so ashamed and embarrassed that he wanted to kill somebody. The look the female assistant gave him, which had nothing initially, now felt like an extreme mockery to him.

‘D*mn it, how can I fool around with women with a condition like this?’

“Come over here, lick it clean for me!”



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