The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2406

Chapter 2406 

Daisie didn’t speak. 

Zephir saw Daisie at the reception table. 

Daisie smiled, nodded at him politely, and looked away after that. 

She had never seen Zephir after their filming wrapped up. 

She was quite surprised to see him attend the fashion show. After the show, Daisie ended up sitting next to Zoey, possibly intentionally arranged by the organizers. Hannah and Zephir were next to them too. 

But the attention of the media was all on the two of them. 

Zoey never thought that the organizers would do that. When they were greeting the reporters, she said in a volume only Daisie could hear. “This is just bad luck. I hope your stupid fans don’t say I’m trying to become relevant again by standing next to you.” 

Daisie smiled. “From what I know, your fans are mostly the stupid ones.” 

Zoey’s smile faded. Because of what had happened during their variety show, her fans had created a lot of funny situations in their attempt to make her famous again. The majority of netizens mocked them as ‘ brain-dead fans’. 

Zoey was about to retort, but Daisie suddenly stood up and walked away. 

Zephir watched her walk away and frowned. 

Daisie rushed into the washroom and threw up all her dinner from last night. 

After she was done, she turned on the tap to wash the vomit away. 

She threw water on her face and looked at herself in the mirror. Something came to her mind, and she rested her hand on her belly. 

‘Am I pregnant?’ 

She thought about it and realized her period had been half a month late. 

Daisie quickly left the washroom and was surprised to see Zephir smoking in the corridor. She had never seen him smoke and didn’t know that he did. 

Daisie asked, “Why are you out here?” 

Zephir flicked the ash off and raised his brows. “Not feeling well?” 

“I’m fine. I’m going back in.” 

When Daisie walked past him, he suddenly grabbed her wrist. He looked very calm. “You haven’t seen Leah Younge in a long time, have you?” 

Daisie was surprised. “She’s back?” 

Zoey, who was standing at a distance, saw them and looked unhappy. Only God knew how much effort she had put into getting her first role as a female lead from Zephir. 

But Bassburgh had a small circle. 

Did Zephir and Daisie have that kind of relationship? 

‘Hah! Tiffany Cullen had said that Daisie was a ‘player, and it might actually be true. She’s still in a 

relationship with another man after getting married.’ 

The next day, at the East Islands… 

After Cameron washed up and had breakfast, she went and watered the flowers in the garden. She was a little not used to such a calm and restful life, maybe because she had been living in the busy city for a while now. 

Waylon walked into the garden wearing his silk pants and holding a cup of coffee. He saw that she was watering while zoning out and chuckled. 

“Are you trying to drown the flowers?” 

She snapped back and saw that the flowerbed was flooded. She slowly stopped. “What’s the issue? Flowers will grow back.” 

He smiled and didn’t speak. 

Cameron remembered something and suddenly turned to look at him. “You didn’t go to Yuzu Villa with my dad to talk about the wedding banquet?” 

“He can handle that.” He then looked at Cameron and smiled. “Can’t wait to be my bride?”


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