The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2417

Chapter 2417 

Leah stepped forward, grabbed him by the collar, and yelled at him, “We’re all adults already, so it’s time to wake up. Otherwise, why would there be something that’s known as wishful thinking? It’s because the world is never a fair place! 

“Not everything in life responds or reciprocates to your thoughts. Zephir, if you’ve already given up on yourself, then I can only say that choosing Nollace Knowles over you is the best choice that Daisie has made in her life.” 

Leah let go of him without hesitation, turned around, got into her car, and left. 

Only Zephir was left behind, standing alone on the spot as the yellow streetlights created multiple slender figures under his feet. 

Sure enough, Zephir made the news the next day because of the brawl. And Zephir stepped forward to admit it to the public, apologize, and left the conference under the siege of reporters without even turning his head behind. 

Daisie was a little surprised when she saw the news while eating breakfast. 

‘Zephir doesn’t seem like someone who’d cause trouble and start a fight.‘ 

Probably because her attention was not on her surroundings, she did not even notice when Nollace was approaching her until he managed to snatch the tablet out of her hand. 

Seeing the news on the screen, he squinted slightly. 

Daisie quickly explained, “I… I’m just curious about why he would…” 

“Why would you be so curious about another man’s affairs?” Nollace placed the tablet down, propped his hands against the back of her chair, and leaned closer to her. “Are you feeling bad for him now that you saw him get beaten?” 

She choked on her own words. “What nonsense are you talking about?” 

Nollace pinched her chin. “You were totally captivated by the news, so I think you’re feeling sorry for him.” 

Daisie blinked, and after a while, she burst out laughing. “Oh my, this is so not you. Nollace, are you jealous of Zephir?” 

He did not even bother to joke around with her. “I told you before. I’m not a generous man.” 

Seeing that Nollace was really upset, Daisie put down her fork instantly, raised her hand, and held his cheek. “Hubby, but you’re the one that I think about all the time. Even though I’m looking at other men, in my opinion, my hubby is still the best!” 

He responded with a faint hum. “So, is that the reason why you look at other men?” 

Dajsie choked on her reply. “No, that’s not it…” 

‘What kind of logic is this?‘ 

Nollace moved half an inch closer to her again, and his eyes were fixed on her. “Yes, that must be it.” 

She clicked her tongue. “Y–You’re just being unreasonable now!” 

Nollace turned away from her and crossed his arms, pretending to feel upset and wounded. “We’ve only been married for a short time, and you’re already thinking I’m being unreasonable. My, oh my, so this is how a woman who’s had a change of heart reacts to her husband’s concern.” 

Daisie was dumbfounded. 

‘That line should be mine!‘ 

Thinking of something, Daisie held back her smile, got up, walked around him, and stopped in front of him. She then wrapped her arms around the belt of his nightgown. “Are you really this upset?” 

Nollace grabbed her hands and said solemnly, “I’m not in the mood right now.” 

“But I am.” 

She stretched out her arms, wrapped them around his neck, pressed her lips against the side of his neck, and bit him lightly. The moment his body stiffened, Daisie instantly knew that he was holding back. 

She refused to believe that he could still hold back any longer. 

After a few more seconds of teasing, Nollace almost exploded. He trapped her in his arms, lowered his head, and kissed her so vigorously that it looked like he was about to swallow her whole. “Someone’s learned how to act naughty so soon, huh?” 

Daisie pressed her finger against his lips. “Then are you still angry? Will a coax make things better?” 

He smirked. “You actually consider this coaxing?” 

She blinked. 

Nollace’s lips landed on the top of her hair, and he took a deep breath. “You’re obviously torturing me.” 

‘She knows that I can’t do anything to her in the first three months of pregnancy. That’s why she’s acting so unscrupulously!‘


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