The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1494

When Alex arrived at Dorothy’s room, she was leaning on the bed, looking at some news on her phone. A calm and indifferent expression was on her face, no different than usual.

However, when Alex looked at her, he had a brand new feeling in his chest. It was familiar, yet at the same time not.

“My wife!” Alex walked over and sat down beside her. He had thought the feeling of unfamiliarity would grow. However, Dorothy put down her phone and embraced him gently. “Has something happened to Mom?”


Alex was stunned. “Who? What happened to your mother?”

Dorothy rolled her eyes. “I meant your mother! It can’t be that you’re trying to hide it from me, right?”

Alex was astonished. “How did you know?”

“If even Sharpay knows about it, why can’t I? In your mind, am I no different than an outsider, as your wife?”

“Of course not! I just… I’m afraid that you would worry!”

“Go ahead, what’s wrong with Mom? Let me see if I can help?”

Alex looked at her. Though he was curious how he had suddenly reached the rank of Core Formation, the fact that she didn’t say anything about it proved that she was unwilling to talk about it. Asking her was just going to make her feel troubled, so he could only nod and say, “I came here today to tell you about this! My mother has gotten into a vegetative state again, and the situation is worse than half a year ago! I can confidently say now that there were many things hidden behind the car accident last October. Back then, my mother already had a problem. Her soul is missing components, which have been substituted using the Soul Substitute Lotus Seeds.”

“So, you can’t wait now to go down into Caesar’s tomb to find new Soul Substitute Lotus Seeds?”

Alex looked at her. “Dorothy, you… Are you hiding something from me? When I saw you today, you’re very different from before. You…”

Dorothy smiled. “I just knew you would be able to tell.”

“So, you’re a Core Formation master now?” Alex said. “You… Did you have some fortuitous meeting?”

Dorothy shook her head. Then, she picked up her phone and dialed a number.

Ring, ring, ring!

Alex’s phone rang.

He pulled out his phone and looked at the screen. It was Aunt Rockefeller’s number!

“Huh?!” Alex was taken aback for a while. He looked at Dorothy and picked up the call. “Aunt?”

Dorothy placed the phone to her ear, her gaze still locked with his, and said, “Hey, my nephew!”


A roar echoed out in Alex’s head, his mind instantly in disarray.

“Y-You… It’s you? You’re Aunt Rockefeller?!”

“Yeah! Surprised? Or are you disappointed? The Aunt Shooriyojou in your mind is no more, and she has become a faded old woman whom you got tired of seeing?”

Alex was stunned for along while before he lurched forward to hug her tightly and said, “Of course not. How could I get tired of you? You’re the most important woman in my life, and I didn’t expect that it would be you. How could you think of something like this to tease me?”

“I just wanted to tease you. Who asked you to say that we’re not from the same world? And now, can you still say that?” Dorothy said.

Alex blinked, then said, “I still have some trouble believing this. Why don’t you change into Aunt Rockefeller and show me?”

“How is that even difficult?”

Dorothy performed the Transformation technique and quickly revealed the appearance of the devastatingly beautiful Aunt Rockefeller.

“How is it? Is your aunt good-looking enough?”

Even her voice had changed.

In the next second, Alex kissed her.


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