The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2416

Chapter 2416

Zephir’s punches were no less than those of the man with the gold necklace.

The two fought, and the scene became extremely chaotic in a matter of seconds.

A customer called the police immediately and reported that there was a fight, and the police soon arrived at the scene and brought the two under control.

At the precinct, Zephir sat on the bench and remained silent while his opponent kept explaining to the police, and he sounded very agitated.

But because the surveillance footage showed that the man with the gold necklace was the one who started it all, he was the one who got penalized.

Leah hurried to the precinct at that moment. “Zephir, you b*stard! What the heck were you thinking?”

She walked up to him. “Do you know what time it is now? You got into a fight, and I’m the one you call in the middle of the night to bail you out? Have you lost your mind?”

She then crossed her arms angrily. ‘You know that this is an embarrassing thing to get yourself involved in. That’s why you don’t even have the balls to let your family know about this incident, isn’t it?”

Zephir’s face was bruised, and it was rare to see him in such an embarrassing and dejected state. “I’ve had one too many to drink.”

That was all he had to say.

“One too many to drink?” Leah scoffed. “I think you look rather sober now.”

After saying that, she turned to ask the police officer for some ice for his face, but they did not have any, so one of the officers handed her a can of cold Coke. She grabbed it from him and handed it to Zephir. “Do something about that swelling and calm the hell down.”

Zephir then underwent an interrogation, went through some formalities, and signed some papers. Two hours had passed when the police released him.

Leah walked beside Zephir and scoffed. “Great, a new director was taken away by the police for assault. This piece of news will become a stain on your career as soon as this gets published online. Zephir Gosling, I’ve never known you to be someone who’d lose his head so easily, but you really disgust me at this very moment.”

He stopped, covered his face with his palm, and took a deep breath. ‘Then you could have just left me back in the precinct to rot.”

“If it weren’t for the sake of our friendship, who would want to care about you?” Leah turned to face him and pushed him, and he staggered back.” Zephir, didn’t you say that you weren’t someone who would get involved with those bullies back then? And that you’d never show your worst side in front of everyone? You’ve been pretending for so many years, and you’re finally giving your facade up now?”

Zephir pursed his lips tightly and remained silent.

‘You put on a perfect image in front of others, but you act like a good-for- nothing while no one’s looking in your direction. I found out that you’re just someone who can’t take a single L in your life, aren’t you?” Leah’s

rhetorical question incinerated some of Zephir’s patience.

‘Yes, I don’t like to see losses in any part of my life.” Zephir tore off his tie and threw it on the ground. “But why must I be the loser here? I passionately chose to turn my whole life upside down just for one person, and I’m always ready to give up everything that I’ve chosen in life for her.

However, what did I get in the end? Nothing, I’ve got nothing!

“You too think I’m reaping the fruits of my actions, don’t you? Yes, I’m nowhere near a position in life where I can match the Goldmanns, but I’ve been working extremely hard. The sole reason I chose to study abroad was that I wanted to be able to stand by her and feel that I’m legitimate someday in the future!”

He tousled his hair with his five fingers, the loosened collar of his shirt looked extremely untidy, and the dirt and wounds on his face made him look like a stray.

Leah clenched her fists tightly, then loosened them.

After a long time, she said with a smile, “Zephir, to put it bluntly, the only person that you’ve always been touching is yourself.”

He froze for a split second and then remained silent for a while.

“Everything that you’ve done for Daisie is what you want to do for her all this while. They’re not something that she asked of you. The relationship between you two doesn’t bind her to you. She doesn’t owe you sh*t, and you too don’t owe her anything. Do you really think that she must be with you just because you have the determination to sacrifice everything for her?”


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