The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2430

Chapter 2430 


It was only then Patricia and Alexander arrived. Francisco and Naomi came with them as well. 

When Patricia saw Leah, she hurriedly walked up to her and asked, “Leah, how is Zephir, and what the hell happened?” 

“Relax, Ms. Gosling,” Leah comforted. “Zephir is still inside the operating room. I’m sure he’ll be fine. As for what happened, we’ll have to wait until he wakes up.” 

Patricia covered her mouth and sobbed. Alexander grabbed her into his arms and said, “Don’t worry. Our son will be alright.” 

“I told him that he shouldn’t join the entertainment industry, but he didn’t listen!” Patricia was devastated when she learned what had happened to her son. She was once a famous actress in the entertainment industry as well, so she knew better than anyone else how dangerous it was in the entertainment industry. Suddenly, she noticed Daisie, and her expression changed slightly. “It’s you.” 

“Mrs. Gosling, it has been a long time.” Daisie nodded and greeted her out of politeness. 

However, Patricia did not respond and said indifferently, “That isn’t necessary. You don’t have to greet me since you’re the daughter of the Goldmanns. My son didn’t listen to me and insisted on entering the entertainment industry because of you. I hope you’ll stay away from my son in the future.” 

“Patricia-” Alexander wanted to say something, but Patricia cut him short. “Don’t try to persuade me. I’m doing this for my son’s own good.” 

Daisie pressed her lips thin and did not say anything. 

Naomi walked over and said, “Mom, you can’t blame Daisie on this. It’s Zephir’s choice, after all.” 

“Yes, he’s the one who made the choice.” Patricia took a deep breath, but it did nothing to quell the pain in her heart. “But did he make the choice for himself? Did he ever think of himself from the beginning?” Zephir had sacrificed himself and made the choice in order to stay closer to her. 

Now that something had happened to her son, it went without saying that she could not stay calm at all. At the end of the day, it was a mistake for her son to enter the entertainment industry. 

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Gosling…” 

Daisie wanted to say something but did not know what to say at all. In the end, she could only apologize to Patricia. 

Patricia continued harshly. “You don’t need to apologize. You did nothing wrong. I just hope that you can stay away from my son.” 

The green light in front of the operating room lit up. Soon, the doctor came out. Patricia pushed Alexander away and rushed toward the doctor. “Doctor, how is my son doing?” 

The doctor took off his face mask and said, “The patient lost too much blood, but the good thing is that he was sent to the hospital in time. Now his condition has become stable. He’ll rest for some period and is forbidden from strenuous exercise to facilitate his recovery.” 

Patricia let out a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness…” 

The rest of the people heaved out a sigh of relief as well. 

Just when they were going to see Zephir, Daisie left without telling anyone. Leah noticed that she was missing, so she turned her head around only to see that she was leaving. 

While Daisie was waiting for the elevator, Leah called out to her, “Daisie.” 

She turned her head around and said with a smile, “I’m fine. But I’m not going to see Zephir anymore.” 

“I hope you won’t mind what Mrs. Gosling said.” Leah sighed. “She has high expectations of Zephir. When Zephir chose to enter the entertainment industry, she was disappointed for a long while before she finally accepted reality. Now that this thing happened…” 

“I know…” said Daisie. “Everything is good as long as he’s fine. You should go to see him. I’ll go back first.” She walked into the elevator, and the door closed. 

When Daisie came out of the entrance, she saw Nollace was waiting for her in front of his car. He was wearing a black trench coat, looking like a shadow in the chilly wind. 


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