The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1507

This time, no one dared to raise his foot and step into the door.

Instead, they looked at each other for a while. Alex said, “I’ll go in first to take a look!”

“Wait!” Susan Hunter suddenly said as she pulled Alex’s arm. Then, she pointed at something that had suddenly appeared on the stone door. “It looks like there are words on it.”

“Are there?”

“No? I don’t see anything!”

“I don’t see them either.”

A few people said that they did not see them. Only Susan alone saw them.

She firmly said, “Really, there are. They are similar to the flower pattern’s runes on the door outside, but I don’t know any of them.”

Alex explained to Dorothy, “Susan Hunter was born with clairvoyant Eyes. She can see some things that ordinary people cannot see. It is much stronger than the spiritual eyes. This is probably the reason why she can see them, but we can’t.”

Dorothy glanced at Susan and asked, “What kind of runes do you see?”

When Susan came in, she was well prepared with a notebook and a pen too. She immediately took them out and wrote exactly in the notebook what she saw on the stone door.

At a glance, Dorothy’s expression changed a bit.

Alex transmitted his voice mentally. “What’s this?”

Dorothy answered, “This is a warning, saying that this door is called the Gate of Sacrifice. The living ones would be separated by death upon entering this door.”

“Is the warning any useful? Such a door just showed up. Without going through this door, there’s nowhere else to go. Could it be that there’s another do or besides this one?”

“There isn’t any! It seems that the owner of this tomb isn’t a kind person. He hated the tomb invaders to the core and was determined to kill them! The trap inside this space didn’t manage to kill us. The situation after this should be even more dangerous, so we mustn’t treat it lightly.” Dorothy took a glance at the crowd that they had seeked help. “This tomb can’t be invaded by ordinary people. It’s designed to target cultivators.

Even cultivators are in danger of dying. It’ll even be almost impossible for ordinary people. People like them might not be able to walk out of here.”

Alex’s heart sank. He did not hope for people like Susan to die here.

However, there was no turning back now. Most importantly, they could not go back even if they wanted to. They could only bite the bullet and walk in there.

“Sis, are you able to figure something out?” Susan asked.

Dorothy shook her head. “These ancient runes are complicated and hard to understand. I can’t even figure out a few with my ability, but I think we should be extra careful.”

At this moment, Kenneth tried the handheld transceiver that he had brought with him. However, he realized there was no signal at all.

It was impossible if they wanted to communicate with the outside world.

“What an ill omen!”

Alex secretly put up the Mystic Armor. Moreover, he also summoned Maiko Chiba to accompany him. Only then did he raise his foot and step into the stone door.

On n the other hand, Zayne used the Invincible Umbrella to support the stone door to prevent the stone door from closing suddenly like the previous one. The Invincible Umbrellas were treasures with various functions that were used by the gangs of tomb raiders for tomb raiding.

Back then, the Invincible Umbrellas were made of cold steel.

However, they had long undergone upgrades when they were developed till the present one. The material of the Invincible Umbrellas in Zayne and Quincy’s hands came from some kind of meteorite beyond the world, and its hardness exceeded all known substances on Earth. Moreover, it was light and convenient to handle. A unique substance was needed to soften the material and transform…

At this moment, it was not a big problem to use it to block the door.

Soon after walking into the stone door, Alex walked along a long passage that wound downward.

Then, he came to a spacious area. This place seemed like an altar with a statue standing on it.

The statue was a middle-aged man. Looking at his outfit, he looked like a person from ancient times.

“Who is this person?” A voice asked. It was from Dorothy who had come over as well. She was worried about Alex coming here alone.


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