The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2431

Chapter 2431 

Nollace raised his gaze and watched as Daisie walked toward him step by step and plunged herself into his arms. 

Nollace froze slightly in place, lowered his gaze, and asked with a hoarse voice, “What’s wrong?” 

She shook her head and pressed her cheek against his warm chest. “He’s fine. Let’s go already.” Nollace stretched out his arms to hug her, kissed her forehead, and sneered. “You’re so clingy.” 

Daisie looked up at him and squinted as she smiled. “Are you saying that you dislike this personality of mine?” 

He smiled. “Nope.” 

A few days later, the police confirmed that Zoey had committed the crime of intentional injury and issued an arrest warrant for her. More than half of Zoey’s fans unfollowed her, leaving only some stubborn fans who were still whitewashing their idol. 

However, Zoey committed a crime and was officially banned by the entertainment industry. Now that she was evading the police, it would be almost impossible for her to recover from this mess in the future. 

In the hospital… 

Zephir sat on the bed. His face’s complexion had somewhat recovered, his eyes were fixed on the bare tree branches outside the window, and he had been silent for a long time. 

Patricia was packing his belongings for him while nagging non–stop, trying to persuade him to leave the entertainment industry behind and go back to take over the Goslings‘ assets. 

After a long time of not getting a response from Zephir, she raised her head. “Boy, I’m talking to you.” Zephir slowly returned to his senses and stared at her. “Mom, did you say anything to Daisie?” 

Leah had told him everything. 

Patricia frowned and straightened her posture. “What’s wrong with that? Can’t I even say anything to her now? I know you only got into directing and entered the industry because of her. Everything you’ve done so far, it’s all because of her, but what about yourself? 

“Zephir, you’re no longer young. Have you ever thought about your own self? Daisie is already married. Even if you love her and have feelings for her, if you’ve missed your chance to get together with her, you’ve missed it.” 

Zephir lowered his gaze. “But you shouldn’t blame her…” 

“Yes, I indeed shouldn’t blame her as she hasn’t done anything to wrong us. The only thing that’s gone wrong is that you’ve fallen for her.” Patricia finished packing his luggage and said solemnly, “I’ve gone through the discharge procedures for you. Now let’s go home, rest, and recuperate. You’re not allowed to meddle in the affairs of the entertainment industry ever again.” 

Leah happened to appear at the door at that moment, exchanged gazes with Patricia, and let off an awkward smile. “Mrs. Gosling, I… I’m not bothering you, am I?” 

Patricia chuckled. “Of course not. You’ve arrived just in time. Talk some sense into this fella while I go out and get us some breakfast.” 

Patricia then left the ward. 

Leah saw her off before stepping into the room. “Mrs. Gosling is really worried about you.” 

“I know that.” Zephir closed his eyes. How could he not know how much his mother cared for and loved him? 

She pursed her lips and said, “Go back home and get some good rest to recover from your injuries. Don’t make your mother worry anymore.” 

Zephir did not utter a single word. 

After Zephir got discharged from the hospital, he returned home to recuperate. 

As for Zoey, who was wanted by the police, she had already fled the city overnight. And because she was afraid of being apprehended, she chose to abandon her car on the freeway and flee into the woods. She even disposed of the SIM card of her cell phone. 

The police suspected that someone was helping Zoey from the other side of the pursuit. 

At that moment, in a casino located on the hillside of a village, where the interior was filled with smoke… Zoey walked into a private room wearing a mask. And the woman who was sitting at the table, smoking, and playing cards with the other people in the private room, was none other than Tiffany. 

After Tiffany was blacklisted from the entertainment industry, her career plummeted. Even though she had returned to her hometown, she could only hide in the casino run by her cousin to serve the customers. “Tiffany, this woman said she’s here to see you,” said the person who brought Zoey into the room. Tiffany had just won some money. After grabbing all the money on the table, she did not continue playing but motioned the others to go out first. She then leaned back into the back of the chair with a cigarette butt lying in between her fingers and looked at Zoey. “The amazing Zoey Markle, you’re wanted by the police, and you’ve come here looking for me? Are you trying to get me implicated?” 


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