The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1508

“You’ve come in too? I don’t know either!”

While he was talking, Alex realized the other people had come over as well.

No other dangers had occurred along the way.

“How could there be such a huge space here?” Freya Mayer said curiously. She knew the situation when she went to the tomb with William Rockefeller last time.

“Although Caesar’s tomb is huge, it’s not that big to the extent of being outrageous. Compared to some imperial tombs, it’s actually a bit smaller. But, where does such a huge space of altar come from?”

Susan immediately opened the map and laid it on the ground.

Zayne, Kenneth, and the others squatted down one after another to compare the map.

“Something isn’t right! ” Susan Hunter pointed at a particular area on the map. “According to the map, we should be at this location now. This is the core area of Caesar’s tomb. If we head further, it’d be… The location of this altar. It should be the main tomb where Caesar’s casket is! But, where’s the casket? Where’s the main burial chamber? Why are they all gone? Could it be that we’ve gone to another tomb?”

She was on the verge of collapse.

It was totally different from what she had seen before.

Alex frowned and said, “If we haven’t seen it, it’s because we have entered a complicated spell formation the moment we entered the tomb. The activation of the spell formation caused changes in the directions. Any step we’ve taken couldn’t be measured using this map. As the saying goes, one would have abnormal transposition when the stars change in positions. We thought that we had just taken a step. The single-step taken may be more than a few hundred meters.”

Freya nodded. “It makes sense. Mystic spell formations are strange and mysterious. It’s not hard to do this. Now, let’s see how to find another way.”

Kenneth was curious about the humanoid statue. He stepped forward to touch it.

“This statue is somewhat peculiar. This kind is what we call lifelike! At first glance, I even thought that it’s a real person!”

Quincy said, “Who is he?”

Susan said, “I heard that Caesar had a mole on the center of his forehead. This mole was very particular. It’s said to be the root of the inborn Divine Eye. Look at the forehead of this statue. There’s a mole too. Hence, if I’m not wrong, he should be the statue of Caesar.”

Kenneth clicked his tongue in surprise. “What an uncanny workmanship. It’s really too amazing. This sculpting skill is definitely of a master tier!”

Kenneth Sunder was a master thief.

It was said that thieves never left empty-handed. Since he had come here, he certainly could not go back empty handed.

He saw the statue was holding a sword in his hand. It seemed genuine as well. He touched it with his hand and found it to be the real deal! Well, this statue had been here for an unknown period, but the sword did not have a trace of rust at all. It was even shining with cold light

It was definitely a treasure!

Kenneth could not hold any longer and extended his hand to remove the sword.

The moment it was removed, he had a feeling that the statue’s fingers seemed to be soft. This workmanship was really peerless!

Kenneth picked up the sword and gestured a few times.

“What a great sword! ”

In the next second, something happened.

The eyes of Caesar’s statue, which were closed at first, suddenly opened. Unexpectedly, it had come to life!

It stretched its hand as fast as lightning and snatched the treasured sword away from Kenneth’s hand.

It made a slash in return!

“Oh sh*t!” Kenneth let out a scream. He wanted to dodge it, but it was too late.

The treasured sword swept across his arm area like lightning. With a poof, blood splattered into the air. Kenneth’s right arm was severed right away. It split into two and fell to the ground.

“Argh..!” Kenneth yelled in pain.

Darven roared, “Old thief, hurry and retreat!”


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