The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1509

Kenneth Sunder was a master thief. For a master thief, all his skills were almost concentrated in his hands. As the right arm was ruined, Kenneth’s hard trained stealth skills were equivalent to be in utter vain.

His mind was slightly confused. In addition, the pain of the severed arm had also significantly lowered his ability to react.

He did not realize that a more significant danger was approaching. Caesar’s statue came to life at this moment. After severing Kenneth’s arm with the sword in his hand, it turned back with another sword swing.

The statue wanted to sever Kenneth’s head.


“I’m done for!”

When Kenneth came to his senses, the huge sword with a cold gleam was already close to his eyes. He could even feel the murderous intent from the blade. He already had no more hope.

A sword strike at such a close distance was not something that he could dodge at all.

Just at this moment, another sword suddenly blocked the sword diagonally.


A sword blocked Caesar’s huge sword.

Kenneth looked sideways and found that it was Alex. Without knowing when, he was also holding a sword. The blade was even larger than the one in Caesar’s hand. He blinked, and his face turned pale as he just had narrowly escaped death by making a turn at the gate of hell.


Just as he wanted to say thanks, Alex kicked him away. “Hide a bit further!”

Clank! Clank! Clank!

In just a brief moment, Caesar’s sword was now attacking Alex thrice consecutively as the speed got increasingly faster and the strength increased with each swing. If he had not tightly gripped the Sword of the Universe of the Dragon’s Bane of Thirty-Six, he would have been beaten till it slipped out of his hand.

“What is this?”

“Oh god, how did this statue come to life? How ominous!”

Quincy screamed as he was about to collapse mentally. When did he ever see such a strange thing after going to so many massive tombs?

After watching for a few seconds, Dorothy immediately joined the battle group. Then, Waltz, Maya, Freya, and Zayne rushed forward as well.

“All the others back off, retreat to the hall outside!” Alex shouted.

The strength of Caesar’s statue exceeded his imagination. As his attacks became stronger, the statue’s attacks would increase accordingly as well. After many people joined the battle group, the statue’s battle power increased exponentially. It seemed that it could adjust its strength according to the sum of battle power.

“Seven Blades of Death, come forth!”

Alex was currently the main attacker who would be the first to bear the brunt.

Meanwhile, Dorothy excelled in long-ranged attacks. Under the situation of such a chaotic battle, her strongest bow and arrow failed to be put into use.

“Senior, what the heck is this? Is something controlling it?” Waltz shouted while assisting him from the side.

At this point, Quincy, Susan, and the others finally confirmed that she was an expert with an overwhelming battle power. She could instantly crush people like them.

The two swords in Alex’s hands kept swinging. Even the Mystic Armor had been activated to the maximum level. However, it was a little unbearable.

His body was already bleeding after being cut by the sword a few times.

“I don’t know either! This thing is a little ominous. It doesn’t look like a statue.”

Zayne said, “Is it a Gimmick Puppet?”

Before Alex could answer, Freya said in a delicate voice, “This isn’t a Gimmick Puppet. This is a zombie refined using a living human. Look at its eyes. The pupils are golden, right? This is a golden-eyed Golden Zombie with infinite strength.”

When Darven, who was hiding far away, heard the words, he smacked his head. “Oh, right! Miss Mayer, your Exorcist Dragons specializes in fighting zombies. You should have a way, right?”

Freya took out a black and red wooden stick with a pointy cone in the front and a sculpture of a dragon throne at the back. It had grains that looked like dragon scales all over its body.

She hurriedly said, “This is the ten thousand year old Dragon Soul Wood that has been soaked in the Zombie King’s blood. The golden eyed Golden Zombie’s defense is incredible, and it’s hard to be damaged by swords. There’s only one weak point on its body, that’s its heart.”

Alex said, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? My hands are sore from attacking it, but its skin isn’t even cut open.”

Freya said, “I’ve never seen a real golden eyed Golden Zombie too. This is my first time encountering it.”

“Miss Mayer, what do you want to do? We’ll cooperate with you!” Zayne said.

As a result, he was distracted once he started talking and did not notice the berserk zombie Caesar opening its mouth and spewing a puff of black breath with a terrible stench. The breath was spewed right in Zayne’s face. In the next second, he fainted with a grunt.

“Huh..? Senior, Senior? Don’t you die. Don’t leave me alone. I can’t live without you!” Quincy rushed forward and held Zayne in his arms.


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