The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2433

Chapter 2433 

That martial arts training center was located in the center of the city, close to the commercial region that was only blocks away from the administrative and financial areas. The monthly rent of the properties in that area was not cheap–it would cost at least $70,000 per month. 

Cameron snapped her fingers. “How about I go and talk with the owner?” 

Daisie was surprised, and it took her quite some time to understand what was on Cameron’s mind. “Are you telling me that you’re interested in that training center?” 

Cameron raised her eyebrows. “You’re right.” 

Cameron and Daisie parked outside the training center and got out of the car. At this time, the door of the martial arts training center was tightly closed. It felt rather desolate, and very few people were in the hall The two opened the door and stepped into the training center. A cleaner was the only person there, mopping the floor. When she noticed the two ladies, she looked at them. “Are you here for someone?” Daisie asked, “Is no one in today?” 

The cleaner replied, “The training center will undergo a renovation soon, so it’s temporarily closed.” Cameron crossed her arms, and her eyes lit up. “Renovation? Could it be that it’s run out of business?” 

‘Then I got here just in time. If this is the case, taking over this training center will be a piece of cake, won’t it?‘ 

Daisie covered her forehead and let off an awkward smile. 

‘My God, that’s way too straightforward.‘ 

The cleaner took a closer look at them. “Just who are you looking for?” 

Cameron smirked. “I’m here for your grandmaster.” 

The cleaner was taken aback. “The grandmaster?” 

“Yes, I’m looking for your grandmaster.” Cameron walked aside, looked around, and gave off a satisfied expression. “If the training center is going under, do consider my proposal.” 

After saying that, she turned around. “I’m more than happy to take over this place.” 

The corners of the cleaner’s lips twitched, and she looked a little amused. “I’ve been working here for so many years, but I’ve never heard that this place has been running out of business. We’re just renovating the place, not closing down.” 

Cameron waved her hand. “Alright, just ask the grandmaster to come out.” 

The cleaner shook her head and went downstairs with the mop. 

Daisie walked up to Cameron at that moment and asked in a low voice, “Please don’t tell me that you’re planning to forcibly take over this place. That wouldn’t be too good, would it?” 

‘They’re only going through a renovation, not closing down. This training center is still open and well- operated, so who would want to transfer its ownership to her just because she asked so?‘ 

Cameron replied solemnly, “I’m here asking the grandmaster of this place to meet us. We have to be imposing.” 

Daisie smiled without saying a word. 

However, after waiting for a while, the grandmaster still did not show up, so Daisie walked up to Cameron. “It doesn’t seem to have worked.” 

Cameron clicked her tongue, collected her hair, tied them up, and shoved her bag into Daisie’s arms.” Just wait here.” 

She then went upstairs. 

Daisie was afraid she would cause more trouble, just like she did last time, so she immediately followed her. “Cameron!” 

Cameron walked up to the attic and just so happened to run into a disciple of the center coming out of a 


“You… It’s you!” The person’s expression changed in an instant, and he pointed at her. He would still remember this face even if it had been burned into ashes. Otherwise, he would have been beaten for nothing. 

Cameron waved her hands at him, squinted, and gave off a smile. “Don’t get all nervous. I’m not here looking for trouble today.” 

“W–What are you doing here?” The disciple did not dare to approach her, showing how scared he was. She shrugged. “I’m here for your grandmaster.” 

“What?” The disciple looked surprised, as if something had just flashed through his mind. “Are you planning to go one–on–one with our grandmaster?” 

Cameron narrowed her eyes slightly. 

‘Has he regarded me as a challenger?‘ 

Daisie hurried over and explained with a smile, “You’ve misunderstood. We’re not here to cause trouble-” 

“Our grandmaster hasn’t come to find you to settle the score for what happened last time, and you have the guts to step into our turf first?” The disciple interrupted Daisie as if he had mustered confidence out of nowhere, and the confidence quickly turned into arrogance. “Our grandmaster isn’t someone you can meet whenever you want. Now, before the grandmaster gets all worked up, I’d advise you to know your place and leave at this instant.” 


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