The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2440

Chapter 2440 

Nick turned to look at Cameron. “Since when did you learn to speak for others?” 

Cameron was startled. “I’m telling the truth.” 

He did not say anything. 

Cameron narrowed her eyes. “Please don’t tell me that you’re still holding grudges against me?” 

He frowned. “What?” 

“I know. What I did back then was a little too much. I can apologize to you. After all, I was only a young and presumptuous girl back then.” 

After saying that, Cameron laughed and approached him all of a sudden. “Your martial arts training center teaches the Southerns‘ fist techniques. It suits me just fine, doesn’t it? Worse comes to worst, you can continue to be the grandmaster of this place, and I’ll only be one of the shareholders or something like that, or maybe one of the trainers once in a while?” 

After a while, Cameron was driven out of the office. 

Cameron was caught off guard. She then turned around and yelled, “Hey! Why would you kick me out? Hey, Nick, what do you think? At least say something!” 

‘I’ll be investing in his martial arts training center, and he’s not happy about that? Is he dumb or what?” Nick leaned against the door with his palms covering his face, and the tips of his ears were flushed. Seeing that Cameron was muttering something and coming downstairs, Daisie got up slowly. “Cameron, how did the discussion go?” 

Cameron took a deep breath and scoffed angrily. “You tell me! Is he a dumb*ss or what? I told him that I wanted to work with him and invest in his training center, but he rejected my proposal and even kicked me out. That fella is truly hopeless.” 

Daisie was astounded. “He rejected you?” 

“Otherwise?” Cameron crossed her arms and sank into deep thought. “Or could it be that he doesn’t believe me?” 

Daisie had no choice but to walk up to her. “Cameron, why don’t we go and search for another location?” 

Cameron thought for a moment and nodded. “What else can we do other than that?” 

They were about to leave the place, but Nick came downstairs at that moment. “Wait a minute.” 

Cameron and Daisie turned their heads and saw him standing in front of the stairs. “I can agree to your proposal.” 

Cameron and Daisie exchanged gazes, raised their eyebrows, and smirked. 

The three sat on the couch, and Nick asked Dylan to bring the contract. 

Dylan curled his lips and handed over the contract reluctantly. Cameron took it, but he did not let go of the stack of documents immediately. 

Cameron raised her head and tugged a few times before Dylan let go of the contract and turned his face  away. 

Cameron picked up the pen and was about to leave her signature. 

Nick leaned back in his chair. “Are you planning to sign the contract without even skimming through it?” Cameron lifted her gaze and let off a smile. “I trust you.” 

Nick was rendered speechless. 

After signing the contract, Cameron handed the contract back to Nick. “I’ll transfer the money to your account when the time comes, not a penny less.” 

Nick took the contract from her without saying a word. 

Cameron then left the training center with Daisie. 

After watching them leave, Dylan asked Nick, “Grandmaster, why would you agree to work with her? I don’t think she’s reliable at all.” 

Nick held the contract and remained silent. 

After a long time, he stood up. “Remember to inform the others about this.” 

Even if Dylan did not want to do so, the grandmaster of the training center had already spoken, so he could only follow through. 

On the side of the city, Cameron was driving on the road. 

Daisie turned to look at her. “Cameron, do you really trust Nick?” 

She smiled and replied, “Don’t be fooled by Nick’s annoying attitude. He’s not a bad man. He’s very righteous, loyal to his men, and a man of principles. Otherwise, my father wouldn’t have taught him the Southerns‘ fist techniques.” 

Daisie leaned on the back of the seat. “I see.” 

Cameron turned her head and glanced at her. “Otherwise, he would’ve killed me to avenge himself a long time ago. However, I was quite surprised. I really didn’t expect to meet him in Bassburgh.” 

Daisie sneered. “You’re not afraid that my brother will be jealous, huh?” 

Cameron choked on her reply. “Why would he be jealous? Nick and I aren’t-” 


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