The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1517

Trevon Lambert was greatly panicked.

His chest center’s pressure point had been sealed, and he was no different from a patient who suffered from severe paraplegia. Seeing how the dense swarm of zombie bugs was fast approaching him, his heart had almost risen to his throat.

At the crucial moment, Dorothy Ass*x reached into the air and made a grabbing motion. A shadow figure of her hand appeared out of nowhere from thin air.

It picked Trevon up and tossed him into the hole that connected to the blood river.

“Jump, jump, jump!”

“Hurry up!”

“Oh my goodness!”

The sounds of people shouting could be heard. Everyone frantically jumped down the hole. Only then did they realize that there was indeed a boat directly under the hole. After they jumped down, they landed on the large boat’s shipboard.

The height of the fall was rather great. They could hurt their buttocks significantly had their postures not been correct when they jumped down.

“Oh, oh! It hurts! A bug has bitten me. I’ve been bitten!” Right then, somebody was shouting painfully. It was none other than Quincy Zoppins.

Earlier, he made a mad dash toward the back of the passageway. As a result, he had jumped down slower than the rest. While he was running back, his calf was bitten by a zombie bug that had leaped upward.

Quincy reached out and was about to grab the bug when Darven Mikail stopped him. “Don’t use your hand. Zombie bugs are extremely poisonous. If you touch it with your hand, your hand will be destroyed. Hurry up and cut off the part that’s been bitten. Otherwise, the poison will spread all over your body. You’ll surely die then,” Darven said.

Zayne York moved very quickly.

He pulled a knife out and knocked away the zombie bug on Quincy’s calf. After that, he tore a part of Quincy’s trousers off and directly sliced the wounded flesh that had already turned dark.


The knife was incomparably sharp. Flesh the size of a knuckle had been cut out from Quincy’s calf.

“Ahh!” Quincy cried out like a pig being slaughtered. “It hurts. It hurts so much. Rockefeller, this is all your fault. How could 100 million be enough? I demand one billion. No, I demand ten billion!” Quincy yelled.

Alex Rockefeller pretended not to hear him.

However, Maya Howards turned to look at Quincy’s wound. “It looks like the cut wasn’t clean. There’s still poison on the wound. It’s spreading.”

“Huh?” Quincy looked down. He wanted to cry, but no tears would come out.

Susan Hunter grabbed a rope and quickly tied it around Quincy’s calf below his knee. After that, Zayne made another cut.

“Oh, oh, ouch! Senior, quickly, knock me out. I’m about to die!”

In the end, Freya Mayer said something. “Zombie bugs’ poison spreads very quickly. Cutting the flesh off alone is pointless. You need to use this!” Freya retrieved a bag. After opening it, a pack of glutinous rice could be seen.

“This is fiery glutinous rice. It’s specifically used to cure zombie poison. Apply it on your wound,” Freya said.

Earlier, flesh the size of one’s knuckle had already been cut off, and blood flowed from Quincy’s leg. Now, he even had to sprinkle glutinous rice onto his wound.

Quincy felt as if he would soon go mad! Just as Zayne was about to sprinkle the glutinous rice on his wound, Quincy couldn’t stand it anymore. He picked up the Invincible Umbrella and knocked it against his head.

Quincy fainted.

Alex took out an antidote pill and handed it over to Zayne to give it to Quincy. Although Quincy was annoying, he was still one of the team members.

After tending to Quincy’s wound, everyone sighed in relief. After that, they checked the boat’s condition. In the end, they realized that the boat was actually moving.

“The boat is moving forward!”

“Lookup. The hole is getting further and further away!”

Everyone turned on their flashlights. Indeed, the boat was silently moving forward.

However, this blood river didn’t have any water currents, and there wasn’t any wind in this place either. How was the boat moving?


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