The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2442

Chapter 2442 

Nolan pulled Maisie into his arms. “Alright, Daisie is safe now, so there’s no need to worry.” 

Waylon and Cameron walked over. “Dad, Mom.” 

Maisie got out of Nolan’s embrace, wiped her tears, and smiled. “Your sister and nephew are alright.” 

Waylon smiled too. “That’s great.” 

Cameron looked toward the ward. Even though they were both safe, she was still burdened. 

Daisie woke up at 1:00 p.m. and saw Nollace dozing off next to her bed. She raised her hand and touched his face. 

Nollace slowly opened his eyes, looked into her, and held her hand that was on his face. “You’re awake.” She beamed. 

Nollace kissed her fingers. “You don’t know how worried I am…” 

Daisie turned to face him and chuckled. “I’m fine.” 

“You’re laughing?” Nollace gently knocked her head and leaned in closer. “I would go crazy if anything happened to you.” 

Daisie laughed but suddenly recalled something and immediately sat up straight before touching her belly. “What about the baby?” 

He smiled and patted her head. “Don’t worry. Our baby is still fine.” 

She held his hand and said in a serious tone, “You can’t blame Cameron. It’s not her fault.” 

Nollace looked at her and asked, “This is what you’re worried about?” 

“Of course. If Cameron didn’t swerve, we might not have only ended up with minor injuries. If you blamed Cameron for this, I would feel terrible.” 

Nollace tilted his head and couldn’t help but smile after seeing how serious she was. 

Daisie leaned close to his face. “Why are you smiling?” 

Nollace broke into a laugh. 

Daisie shoved him. “Why are you laughing?” 

Nollace held out his arm, hugged her, and brushed his lips against his cheeks. “You’re so silly.” 

She lay down on his lap and smiled proudly. “Silly people are happier.” 

He held up her hair and kissed it. “I guess I have to deal with having a silly wife for the rest of my life, then.” 

Daisie smiled widely. 

The following day, Cameron and Waylon went to the traffic police to look into the footage from the previous night. In the recording, a car was following them. 

At the junction, that car suddenly drove next to them and rushed toward them. Since there were cars on either side, Cameron couldn’t avoid the car, so she had to swerve and crash into the car in front of them on the left. 

Cameron watched the footage and understood something.  Waylon turned to ask the officer, “How was it dealt with?” 

The traffic police officer replied, “The driver wasn’t drunk driving, and we can’t dismiss the possibility that the car had problems. We suspect that the driver might be high on drugs, so the person is still being detained for questioning.” 

Waylon and Cameron then went to the police station and met the driver, who was in the interrogation room and kept claiming that he wasn’t under the influence. The car malfunctioned. 

The officer questioning him raised his brows. “Your car is being inspected, and we didn’t find any problems with it.” 

The driver clenched his jaw. “It malfunctioned. My brakes didn’t work. Why would I put my life at stake?” 

The officers looked at each other because they couldn’t find fault in the statement. There weren’t any signs of substances in his blood work either. 

The officers walked out of the room and bumped into Waylon, who looked toward the window. “Can I speak to him? It’ll just take ten minutes.”


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