The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2451

Chapter 2451 

The waiter replied truthfully, “But that gentleman only paid for their share, and he also mentioned that he doesn’t know you.” 

Shannon, who just got smacked in the face, looked more and more embarrassed. 

On the other side of town, in the car… 

Freyja could not help but laugh out loud. “I thought you’d pay their bill too.” 

‘After all, they sat down on their own and even ordered their food. They did so only to grab a free lunch, didn’t they? Who knew that Colton would actually go Dutch when paying the bill.‘ 

Colton’s expression remained unchanged. “Why should I pay for them? Do I look like an idiot who has a lot of money to spend?” 

Freyja looked at him. “Thank you.” 

In fact, she knew that he was helping her get back at those ladies. 

He asked out of the blue, “Is that why you don’t introduce me to your coursemates?” 

Freyja lowered her gaze. “I just don’t think it’s necessary.” 

He stopped the car, pulled over to the side of the road, and turned to look at her. “What do you mean it’s unnecessary?” 

“Because they’re not my circle.” Freyja looked straight at him and replied, “They’re just my coursemates, not my friends. So what’s the point of introducing you to them? You’ve seen for yourself what our relationship looks like today. In fact, all of them only want to mock me.” 

Colton frowned. “Why didn’t you tell me that?” 

“I could’ve told you, but then what?” Freyja approached him, squinted, and smiled. “Will there be a high–profile announcement?” 

Colton did not utter a single word. 

Freyja tidied his collar with her fingertips. “I just want to get through every day normally until the day I graduate from the master’s program. As for what they say about me, I don’t care about them.” 

“You…” Colton took a deep breath, turned around, and sat back with a displeased 

expression. “You do you.” 

‘Is that why she doesn’t want me to interfere? Does she have to endure all the ridicule and be looked down upon?’ 

Freyja approached and planted a kiss on his cheek. Colton was slightly stunned and then 

said awkwardly, “Don’t think that I won’t still be furious after that.” 

She raised her eyebrows. “Then what about I coax you when we get back home?” 

Colton said sternly, “You’ll coax me by doing what you usually do again. I’m a man of principles. Do you think that I’m someone who would give up my principles only because of some seduction attempt?” 

She chuckled and leaned back in her seat. “We’ll see about that.” 

Back in the Pruitt manor… 

Colton stood on the balcony, making a phone call. “As for the villa that I asked you to take a look into, prepare for the handover as soon as possible, within these two days. I want the purchase secured in advance…” 

“Colt.” Freyja’s voice came from inside the room at that moment. 

He turned his head around to take a look and froze in place instantly. 

Freyja was sitting on the bed, wearing a blue and white Japanese school uniform, a pair of white stockings that went up from her ankles to her knees, and a short skirt that covered only her upper thighs. She raised her hands, trying to reach for the zipper on her back, revealing half of her waist. “I can’t get the zipper up, come and help me out.” 

The other party heard a woman’s voice and was about to ask Colton about it, but Colton hung up the call immediately. 

He covered his lips, his eyes avoided the sight right in front of him, and his ears flushed.” Why… Why are you…” 

‘This woman! She did this on purpose!‘ 

Freyja turned around and lifted her long hair, exposing her neck. “The zipper is stuck. Hurry up.” 

Colton gulped, and his Adam’s apple rolled as he pressed his lips together and approached her. 

He stretched out his hand and zipped the zipper for her slowly as he struggled deep down for a long time. 

‘If I don’t hold back this time around, I’ll be smacking myself in the face. Damn it! Why would I say what I said in the car? 

‘I really overestimated my ability to restrain myself. And let’s not forget that the person sitting right in front of me is my wife!‘ 

“Are you done?” Freyja put down her hair and was about to stand up when the person behind her hugged her. 

Colton buried his face into her neck and kissed her. “You’re killing me.” 

Freyja shrank her neck and giggled. “Didn’t you say that you’re not someone who would 

give up your principles only because of some seduction attempt? How can you fall for this and give up fighting so quickly?” 


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