The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2452

Chapter 2452 

Colton lowered his voice and turned her around. “You’re wearing such… Who wouldn’t give up fighting immediately?” 

Freyja hugged Colton, rested her chin on his shoulder, and chuckled. “What about your principles?” 

He bit her bow tie, loosened it, and grinned. “At this time, it’s only natural for me to abandon them.” 1 

Back in Bassburgh, in the martial arts training center… 

“Grandmaster, a few days have gone by, and that woman hasn’t been here for even one day. She must be lying. I think she was only fooling us when she brought up the matter regarding the collaboration,” Dylan, who was arranging the training equipment downstairs, said in dissatisfaction, while the others stared at Nick, who was standing behind the counter, flipping through the books. 

Nick closed the book in his hand, lifted his gaze, and took a glance at the calendar on the wall. 

‘Is it really a lie? She’s the one who came here and asked for collaboration, and she has disappeared since that day. Maybe she regrets it now.‘ 

Nick’s gaze landed on the contract. 

‘It seems I don’t need to stamp it anymore.‘ 

He was about to pick up the contract when a voice came from outside the door, and a handsome man in a blue windbreaker walked in. 

Nick recognized Cameron at first glance. 

Cameron took off her scarf. “Yo, you guys are early.” 

Dylan was taken aback for a moment and exchanged gazes with the people around her in dismay. “Who are you?” 

Cameron froze for a split second and raised her head. “You don’t recognize me already?” 

‘Is there really such a huge difference between my female appearance and my male disguise?‘ 

Nick looked at her and put the contract aside. “I thought you would never show up again already.” 

“I’m sorry, man. I’ve been busy these few days.” Cameron draped her scarf over her elbow and walked toward Nick. “I’ve signed a contract with you, so I won’t forget about it. Please don’t tell me that you actually thought that I’d leave you hanging?” 

Only then did Dylan remember who she was and gave off a look of surprise. “Why are you…” Cameron explained, “It’s inconvenient to wear women’s clothes in a training center.” 

‘Convenience is never an issue, but that b*stard doesn’t allow me to stay here without a disguise. He said that I’d attract other men’s attention, but who’s the one who’s been doing  so instead?‘ 

After saying that, she looked around the huge training center. “You guys have been renovating for so long. Why haven’t you opened up for business yet?” 

Dylan curled her lips and said, “Isn’t this thanks to you? Even the police came after the fight 

that you started last time. Otherwise, would we have to suspend our business for a renovation?” 

“I’m the one to blame?” Cameron crossed her arms. “Conroy Selfridge is one of our apprentices, so why aren’t you blaming him?” 

Dylan choked on his reply and was about to say something to refute her before being interrupted by Nick. “Okay, Conroy’s matter is over already. Inform everyone in the group. chat that the training center will officially reopen tomorrow. They’d better not be late.” 

After giving the orders, he turned around and went upstairs. Everyone else went back to working on the tasks at hand too. 

Cameron followed Nick to his office. “Then where’s my locker room?” 

When they arrived at the last room in the corridor, he opened the door and did not go in. 

Cameron poked her head into the room to probe around. There were some boxes in the room that contained used equipment. The desk and chair had obviously been left unused for a long time, and there was a lot of dust.n“Is this mine?” she asked. 

“It just needs some cleaning up.” He turned around. “But we don’t have enough manpower nowadays, so you can only clean it up yourself.” 

After saying that, he left her by herself. 

Cameron narrowed her eyes. 

‘This fella’s personality is still as annoying as ever.” 

On the other side of the city, at Blackgold… 

Waylon was sitting in the office going through some documents, but his mind was not on the documents. After a long time, he put the documents down and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

‘Why on earth did I agree to let Cameron go and work at the training center? Although she agreed to stay there in disguise, it still feels wrong. 

‘I knew about Cameron’s plan to set up a training center from Daisie. Cameron has never told me about it.’ 


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