I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1728

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1728–At that moment… 



Blue light covered the stage. 

Countless blue lightning shot out from the Hammer of Thunder. 

It was like a heavenly force, making anyone with weak strength feel terror from the bottom of their hearts. 

At this moment, Alba was surrounded by blue lightning. 

Countless lightning surrounded her, but she was not hurt at all. 

It was as if they were welcoming their master. 

This scene shocked so many people. 

David was also mesmerized. 

This was also the first time he saw something like this. 

He had to admit that this hammer was indeed amazing. 

At this moment, a sentence popped up from the system. 

[One of the top three Ancient Weapons, Hammer of Thunder, detected. Even though it was damaged, it was the main component of the God of Thunder Hammer. Host, please do everything you can to get it. The system will undergo its final upgrade after collecting the top three Ancient Weapons: Sky-Splitting Ax, God of Thunder Hammer, and Sun Bow.] ‘What? 

‘Isn’t this the Hammer of Thunder? 

‘How did it become the God of Thunder Hammer? 

‘It’s even one of the top three Ancient Weapons? 

‘Is this hammer really that bad*ss? 

“The main thing is that this thing is one of the requirements for the system to undergo its final upgrade.’ 

David was still very confused about his system, but this would not stop him from trusting it. Since the system said it was a God of Thunder Hammer, then that must be the case. 

If it said it was one of the top three Ancient Weapons, then that must be true too. 

As for why the God of Thunder Hammer, one of the top three Ancient Weapons, only had the power of a maximum mid-level Soulbound Weapon, it must be because of the damage. 

No matter what, David had to get that hammer. 

Alba held the hammer in her hand as countless blue lightning surrounded her. 

Every lightning bolt was powerful. 

She was only a peak Ruler Ranker, so she could not make use of all the hammer’s power. 

If she were a Sovereign Ranker, then this would be possible. 

The effect would surely be better than what was being shown right now. 

Alba was having a lot of fun watching everyone stare at her with their jaws on the floor. 

As time went on, she could not endure it anymore. 

She could only barely activate a mid-level Soulbound Weapon with her peak Ruler Rank strength. Thus, she felt very drained. 

Only a beginner-level Soulbound Weapon was suitable for her. 

Alba had no idea that she was holding the God of Thunder Hammer, one of the top three Ancient Weapons. 

Its power surpassed a first-rate Soulbound Weapon. 

This hammer had been in the warehouse of Treasure Trove for a very long time. 

No one knew when it was obtained, and gradually, it became one of the Fellowes family’s heirlooms and was passed down until now. 

Since the God of Thunder Hammer was the Fellowes’ family’s heirloom, they would not touch it unless they had to. 

If they were not in a life-or-death situation now, they definitely would not take it out. 


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