I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1729

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1729–Alba deactivated the Hammer of Thunder and the stage returned to its previous calmness.

The countless blue lightning also disappeared.

The hammer lay there quietly.

At this moment, Alba felt weak and sore. She only activated the hammer for a while, but she felt drained.

She was still too weak.


recomposing herself, she asked, “Are you all satisfied with the hammer’s performance?”

The people at the scene still had not recovered from the shock.

No matter how powerful the hammer was, the performance just now was too eye-catching.

The Hammer of Thunder was definitely an item for posers.

“Miss Fellowes, start the bidding. I can’t wait.” Archimedes’ eyes were heated and he said impatiently.

Alba looked at Archimedes. She felt a little hopeless on the inside.

She knew this guy was about to start again. She did not want the hammer to go to Archimedes, but she had no choice.

She could not take away anyone’s right to bid in the auction unless they had a record of bidding but not paying.

Would Archimedes do that kind of thing judging from his status?

Alba ignored Archimedes and continued, “Everyone, you must know that I am just a peak Ruler Ranker. If you want to make full use of this hammer, you need to be at least at Sovereign Rank. If a Sovereign Ranker uses the hammer, it will surely be more powerful than what you saw just now.”

When Archimedes saw Alba ignoring her, his anger that had not been diminished rose again.

‘That b*tch Alba. She’s just a chess piece abandoned by her family. How dare she act so recklessly in front of me?’

Even though he was mad, he could not do anything to Alba.

It was not because Alba was a direct descendant, instead, it was because she was Anders’ fiance.

The Palmore family was on the same level as the Ginger family, the family backing the Lightfoot family.

They were all among the six top forces in Star Kingdom

Even though Archimedes was the future head of the family, he could not afford to offend someone like Anders.

Their difference was not only in status.

Both sides were also miles apart when it came to talent.

Although Anders was older than Archimedes, he was not a lot older.

However, his strength was much higher.

“Miss Fellowes, start the bidding. You don’t have to introduce it anymore. We saw the hammer’s power. It’s definitely a top-quality Soulbound Weapon!”

“Yeah, start the bidding! I’ve been waiting for so long and I’ve waited for something I like. I have to buy the hammer even if I go bankrupt!”

“Just give up! You want to buy the Hammer of Thunder with those few coins of yours? Stop dreaming! Don’t you see that Master Archimedes is still here? Who will win against him? I think we should stop wasting our effort and let Master Archimedes have it.”

The person saying this was kissing Archimedes’ ass. At the same time, he was blaming Treasure Trove for inviting this first-in-line heir.

To be honest, he misunderstood Treasure Trove.

How would the Fellowes family invite him?

They invited the person in charge of Splendor at West End.

After all, they were in the same area, so this was a courtesy.

However, Archimedes was here coincidentally.


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