I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1730

I am a quadrillionarire chapter 1730–Valerio was also facing a headache.

He could not kick Archimedes out, so he could only swallow his grievance.

“Yeah! Master Achirmedes was the eldest young master of Splendor, who in this place is richer than him? Since he’s interested, let’s not bid.”

Alba did not know how to answer those people.

She believed Grandpa Val was watching this in the dark. Since he did not show himself, it meant he was agreeing to this.

Therefore, Alba turned a deaf ear and started the bidding.

“Everyone, we will start the bidding now. A mid-level Soulbound Weapon Hammer of Thunder. The base price is 50 billion Star Dollars. The increment between bids should not be less than 1 billion Star Dollars.”

After Alba said that, a voice said.

“500 billion!”

That person was Archimedes.

As soon as he named the price, he increased the base price by ten fold, not giving other people a chance at all.

At the same time, he was showing his determination to get the hammer.

After Archimedes said that, he stood up and turned around. He said to everyone, “Hello, my name is Archimedes Lightfoot. I like this hammer a lot, so please consider my feelings and let me have it. I promise I only want this and I won’t fight you all for anything else. What do you think?”

Splendor was indeed loaded.

However, Archimedes was not a fool. He would still try his best to not spend as much.

A businessman’s aim was to use the least cost to gain the biggest benefit.

After Archimedes said that, he turned around and sat down before anyone could say anything.

He seemed to be asking everyone’s permission, but it was a blatant threat.

He just did not say it out loud.

Anyone who dared to fight him for the hammer would be his enemy.

On the stage, Alba was fuming as she looked at the insufferably arrogant Archimedes.

If she were to auction the Hammer of Thunder normally, it would surely be worth more than 500 billion.

She looked at the corner.

Valerio shook his head at her, hinting at her to turn a blind eye and continue the auction.

Alba had no choice. She could only breath in twice to calm herself down.

Archimedes’ words worked.

Despite not liking how he behaved, no one dared to stand up and disagree. After all, they knew who he was and none of them could afford to offend him.

Time passed slowly.

Alba hoped that someone would stand up and dampen Archimedes’ spirit.

However, after a long time, no one dared to say anything.

Alba looked around but she could not see David.

‘Does David not like the Hammer of Thunder?

‘Or does he think he doesn’t need to offend the Lightfoot family for the sake of a mid-level Soulbound Weapon?

‘Indeed, someone as powerful as David would not find trouble deliberately.’

“Miss Fellowes, since no one is bidding for it, then announce the winner now. I can’t wait to try its power. I believe I will have a huge increase in my power with the Hammer of Thunder. Hahaha!” Archimedes chortled.

“There’s still time. Why are you so worried?” Alba asked blankly.

“Isn’t it obvious? Ask them! Which one of you dares to bid against me?”

Alba ignored Archimedes.

She looked at others and said, “Hammer of Thunder, a mid-level Soulbound Weapon, going for 500 billion Star Dollars. Is there no one willing to go higher? I’ll count to three. If there’s no one else, it’ll be sold for 500 billion.



When Alba was about to say ‘one’, a voice said.

“600 billion!”


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