Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2903 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2903 By verygoodnovel

“Okay! Then you go back and test it. The detailed method of use is written on it, and you use it according to the instructions.” After scanning the product, the clerk asked her to scan the code to pay.

After Joanna successfully scanned the code, she immediately put the early pregnancy test paper into the bag.

She trotted all the way back to the rental house.

Shared roommate Juliette spent the last bit of pocket money in her mobile phone, and was packing her luggage at this time, planning to go home.

“Joanna, my house is due in one month. Before it expires, I may come back at any time.” Juliette confessed to Joanna, “Wish me all the best when I go home, I don’t want to be with them again. Let’s have a fight. It’s really hard to live without money.”

“Take it easy with your parents, they can’t possibly want to see you suffer.” Joanna put down the medicine and planned to send Juliette out first.

“What kind of medicine did you buy?” Juliette glanced at the table.

Joanna: “Uh…my period is a few days late, it’s not a big deal.”

“Oh, isn’t it normal to postpone it for a few days? It’s not a few months. I went on a diet for a while, and I didn’t have my period for two months.” Juliette smiled, “Irregular Menstruation is quite normal for women, you don’t have to be worried.”

“Well. Do you still have money to take a taxi?” Joanna helped her push the suitcase, and the two walked out together.

“I still have the taxi fare and some living expenses. Am I thinking about this weekend? My parents should be at home today.” Juliette stopped and took the suitcase from Joanna, “Don’t send it away. This weekend, you should rest at home! I will contact you when I ask my parents for money.”

Joanna didn’t take her words seriously.

Opening a milk tea shop was not a small sum.

It would definitely not work without hundreds of thousands.

Juliette had such a big conflict with her family, it’s impossible for her parents to give her so much money all at once!

Joanna watched Juliette enter the elevator before turning back to the room.

After locking the door, Joanna took a deep breath.

“Am I really pregnant? Don’t!” Joanna said to herself, walked to the coffee table, and took out the early pregnancy test paper from it.

After carefully reading the instructions for use, she opened the package, took out a separately packaged early pregnancy test strip, and then took a urine cup and walked towards the bathroom.

Five minutes later, she came out with a test strip.

She walked to the window and held the test paper up to the light to see if it would turn into two lines.

After staring at the test paper nervously for two minutes, she suddenly remembered that it would take ten minutes to get the result in the manual.

She took a deep breath and walked around the room with the test strip.

“I’m sure I’m not pregnant…how could it be possible once. The sister in our village hasn’t conceived after three years of marriage, which shows that pregnancy is not that simple…otherwise, why are there so many infertiles on the street? Educational advertisement?” Joanna walked up and down the living room while doing mental construction for herself.

For a moment, she estimated that ten minutes had passed, so she went to the window again, held the test paper up to the light, and stared at the test line.

“Maybe not…”

“Huh? It seems that there is another…”

“Is there something wrong with my eyes? It always feels like a light gray line.”

“Oh my god! I won’t be pregnant? I won’t?! I’ll test it later…”

Joanna put the test paper on the coffee table, picked up her mobile phone, and checked online why there was a faint gray line on the early pregnancy test paper.

——The lines on the early pregnancy test paper will be relatively shallow in the first trimester, and the lines on the early pregnancy test paper will become darker as the pregnancy time gets longer!

——It is most accurate to use morning urine test in the first trimester. A morning urine test is recommended.

——Early pregnancy test paper may not be accurate! It is best to go to the hospital for a blood test or to take a B-ultrasound.

The answers on the Internet made Joanna’s mood even more tangled and anxious.

In her heart, there was a deep intuition.

She found that things would frequently turn out worse the more she feared them.

She suspected that she was probably pregnant!

She hadn’t had a boyfriend yet, hadn’t married yet, if she was pregnant, how would she tell her relatives and friends?!


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