The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1715

Chapter 1715

As he left, Thea stood up and followed him to the door. Her expression turned grim while she watched his retreating figure. ‘Is he speaking the truth? Can I believe in his words?’

Thea was at a loss.

She rubbed her temples. ‘Argh… You should have just died, Thea! Why did you have to lose your memory?

Thea was dismayed. If possible, she would rather die than forget her loved one.

Still, a smile crept up on her face as she murmured, “But James is actually a pretty nice guy.”

At the same time, James was on his way to the military region.

At the Blithe King’s office…

The Blithe King spun the globe in his hand and marked a tiny red dot at a specific spot, saying, “This is the approximate location. A more detailed map is currently being produced. Please wait here for a moment.”

“Mhm.” James nodded.

With current technological levels, finding the location of Dragon Abyss was a piece of cake.

After approximately twenty minutes, a brand-new, detailed map was produced.

Holding the brand-new map in his hand, he compared it with the map given to him by the Blood Race. Their similarity was close to ninety-eight percent.

After comparing the two, James said, “This should be the place. Thank you, my friend.”

“There’s no need to be so formal between us. Besides, you helped me out big time. Once he heard that you were the referrer, Callan immediately agreed to my request. Since he’s currently in Cansington, I’ve already sent my son there.”

The Blithe King was wearing a bright smile. James had helped his son find one of the most powerful individuals in the world as his master.

“In that case, I’ll be taking my leave.”

James did not linger for long and turned to leave.

After he left, he returned to the Callahans’ residence.

This time, it was David who answered the door.

“You’re back, James.” David greeted him with a smile.


James nodded and asked, “Where’s Thea?”

“She’s out.”

“Huh? Who did she go with?”



James walked in and took a seat on the sofa. He had learned of the dragon’s whereabouts. However, he had to head over to Dragon Abyss to see for himself. If a dragon truly resided there, he would gather the Solean martial artists to slay the dragon.

“Here’s the case, James. Hinmar Bay just opened recently, and I have my eyes on a villa. It costs approximately a billion dollars. Would you like to be my sponsor?”

David looked at James in anticipation.


As James was busy contemplating something else, he could not hear what David was saying. After recollecting himself, he looked at him and asked, “Pardon?”

David asked, “I have my eyes on a villa. Since I’m slightly short of money, would you be willing to lend me some?”

“I don’t have money on me.” James outright rejected David’s request and said, “The Callahans raked in a rather huge profit for the previous financial year. Why don’t you ask them for some? As I have something else to attend to, I’ll be taking my leave.”

James stood up and turned to leave.

“Wait, don’t leave!” David cried out.

However, James paid no heed to him.

After he left the Callahans’ residence, a black Bentley stopped in front of him. Thomas got off the car and said, “Hop in.”


James got into the car.

Thomas asked, “Did you receive any information on the dragon’s whereabouts?”

James nodded and said, “The Blood Race gave me a map. However, I’m still not sure if there’s truly a dragon there.”


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