The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1716

Chapter 1716

James was given a map by the Blood Race. He even requested the Blithe King to produce a brand-new detailed map. However, he was unsure if there truly was a dragon residing there. He would have to head there and find out for himself.

“By the way…” He looked at Thomas and asked, “Grandpa, did you bring the dragon’s blood I entrusted to you?”

“Mhm.” Thomas nodded and handed the dragon’s blood to him, saying, “I have it with me.”

James took it and said, “I’ll bring it back for research and see if I can save Thea’s life.”

Wearing a grim expression, Thomas said, “If I guess correctly, the map should be real. What do you plan to do next?”

James replied, “I plan to go have a look.”

Thomas thought about it and said, “How about this? You’ll go scout the area, whereas I will gather the Solean martial artists to slay the dragon.”

“Sure.” James knew how powerful a dragon was. The martial artists from a millennium ago failed. Back then, there were multiple ninth-rank martial artists. Now, they did not even have a single one. It would be a treacherous journey. After some thinking, he asked, “Are you confident that we can defeat the dragon, Grandpa?”

Wearing a solemn expression, Thomas shook his head slightly and said, “To be frank, I’m not confident at all. However, things are different now. This is the modern age, an age of high technology. No matter how powerful the dragon is, there’s no way it can resist even the relentless bombardment of high technology weapons.”

“Alright, then.”

Since things had come to this, this was their only available option.

After briefly discussing matters, James got off the car.

Thomas, on the other hand, ordered the driver to leave.

James remained at the same spot and watched his grandfather leave. Just as he wanted to find Callan, a man walked over to him.

Upon seeing Sky, James furrowed his eyebrows.

He wanted to find an opportunity and eliminate Sky. However, his assistance was still required to slay the dragon.

“What did Thomas say to you?” Sky glanced at James before looking at the retreating Bentley.

James said, “We briefly discussed how best to slay the dragon.”

“What about the map?” Sky looked at James and asked, “Is everything resolved?”

“Mhm.” James nodded and said, “I now know the exact location of Dragon Abyss. However, we still can’t be sure if a dragon truly resides there. So, I plan to head over there and have a look. Would you like to tag along?”

In James’ opinion, now was not the time for Sky to die. Sky was at the peak of the Ninth Stair and infinitely close to reaching the ninth rank. James required his assistance to slay the dragon. So, he planned to mend his relationship with him to lull him into a false sense of security before annihilating him once and for all.

Sky said, “I came here precisely for this. When do we depart?”


“Alright, I’ll be here tomorrow.”

Then, he turned to leave.

James did not expect that he would bump into Thomas and Sky. He remained where he stood and contemplated. Then, he headed to the military region and looked for the Blithe King.

“Why are you back, James? Is something wrong with the map?” The Blithe King welcomed James passionately.

“No.” James said, “I plan to go overseas. However, going by boat would take far too long. Could you arrange a helicopter for me?”

“No problem at all. It’s a piece of cake,” the Blithe King said smilingly, then asked, “When do you need the helicopter to be ready?”

“Tonight would be great. I’m leaving tomorrow early in the morning.”

“Alright, I’ll make the necessary arrangements immediately.”

After making his request to the Blithe King, James left and returned to the Callahans’ residence.

For some unknown reason, Thea kept avoiding him.

James had no choice but to obtain the dragon’s blood and restore her memory for now.


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