The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1717

Chapter 1717

James remained at home for the whole day.

The next morning…

As he was sleeping soundly, he realized that someone was on his balcony. Sensing the presence of the unwelcome guest, he got up and walked toward the balcony. Looking at Sky, he handed him a cigarette, saying, “You’re early.”

Sky took the cigarette and asked, “When are we leaving?”

James said with a smile, “Looks like you’re in quite a hurry.”

“How can I afford not to?”

Sky was anxious. After being deceived by the Blood Race, he desperately wanted to know the authenticity of the map given to him by the Blood Race. If it was revealed to be a fake, he would think of a way to steal the real map by infiltrating the Blood Race’s headquarters.

“Please wait outside. I’ll be back soon after giving Thea a heads up.”

After he said that, he returned to the room.

Meanwhile, Sky leaped from the third floor and appeared outside the Callahans’ villa.

As it was only eight in the morning, Thea was still asleep.

James approached Thea’s room and gently knocked on the door.

“Who’s there? It’s so early…” Thea grumbled as she answered the door. She was wearing white pajamas and had a dazed expression on her face. Looking at James disgruntledly, she said, “What the hell, James? It’s only eight in the morning!”

James scratched his head and said while smiling, “Here’s the situation, Thea. I plan to go overseas for a while. I came here to say goodbye.”

Thea said nonchalantly, “Get going, then.” Then, as if reminded of something, she asked grimly, “Will you be fine?”

James said smilingly, “Everything will be fine. I’ll only be there to investigate the dragon’s whereabouts. If a dragon truly resides there, I will return and gather all Solean martial artists to slay it. Then, I will obtain its blood and save you.”

“Oh,” Thea said. Then, she invited James in. “Come in.”

He entered the room.

Sitting on the bed, Thea looked at James and asked, “Is dragon’s blood the only thing that can save my life? Is there no other way?”

“Mhm.” James nodded and said, “This is the only way for now.

“After your blood fused with the Spirit Turtle’s Blood, you absorbed the Spirit Turtle’s power, which caused your blood to lose its regenerative capabilities. Then, you dispersed your power and allowed your body’s energy to return to the blood. The moment you regain your strength, your blood will lose the energy once more, thereby losing its regenerative capabilities again. Should that come to pass, nothing else can save you. Only dragon blood can allow your blood to regain its regenerative capabilities.”

Thea listened intently.

Although she no longer had any memory of James, she did not want him to risk his life for her. However,

she had no idea how to voice her thoughts.

“Please return safely.”

That was the only thing she could say.

“I will.” James nodded.

After saying goodbye to Thea, he headed downstairs.

On his way down, he bumped into David.

“James, about the thing we spoke about yesterday…”

“I’m busy now. We’ll discuss the matter once I’ve returned.”

James paid no heed to David and simply turned to leave.

Sky was waiting outside.

James walked over to him and said, “Alright, let’s get going.”


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