The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1718

Chapter 1718

After waiting for a brief moment, James was done saying goodbye to Thea. They greeted each other, then immediately headed over to the military region.

At the military region, the Blithe King personally received James and Sky.

“James, the helicopter’s ready and completely refueled. There’s even extra fuel on the helicopter in case things go awry. Besides, I even assigned you a pilot.”

James answered, “Thank you very much.”

“There’s no need to be so formal between us.” The Blithe King said smilingly, “Alright now, I shouldn’t keep you waiting any longer. If you depart now, you should be able to reach the place in the evening. By the way, since I wasn’t sure how long your trip would be, I prepared a week’s worth of rations for both of you.”

The Blithe King had made the necessary arrangements. He even prepared rations for them.

James and Sky did not linger for long and immediately got on the helicopter.

The helicopter slowly lifted off and left Cansington, heading in the direction of the sea.

James shut his eyes and meditated.

Soon, it was evening.

“Emperor, based on the map display, this should be the place.”

James opened his eyes, “Mhm.” He nodded and said, “Find a nearby island for us to land.”


The pilot nodded and began searching for a landing spot.

Soon, he found a huge island and landed on an empty plot of land.

After they landed, James pulled out the map and scrutinized it.

Sky joined in too.

James ordered, “By the way, could you show me the satellite imagery?”

“Yes.” The pilot immediately showed him the satellite imagery.

James briefly glanced at it before pointing at his map, saying, “If the map is real, we should currently be around this area. Dragon Abyss is approximately 100 kilometers away on this island.”

James pointed at a spot on the map.

“What are we waiting for then? Ask the pilot to land there.”

Sky could not wait any longer.

James waved his hand slightly and said, “First of all, we have no idea if that place is truly Dragon Abyss and whether dragons actually live there. Besides, we’ve never seen a real-life dragon before, so we don’t know how powerful they are. If we simply barge in recklessly, the dragon might perceive our provocative actions as a threat. In my opinion, we should land the helicopter here and cross the sea by ourselves. With our ability, this should be a piece of cake.”

James was worried that the dragon might be provoked if they simply marched right into its habitat.

“Sure.” Sky nodded in agreement. If something happened to the helicopter, it would be nigh impossible for them to return to Sol no matter how powerful they were.

“Let’s get off, then.”

James got off the helicopter, while Sky followed close behind.

“James, crossing the sea by ourselves would deplete too much True Energy. Why don’t we chop some wood and make a simple raft?”

The map display indicated they were 100 kilometers away from Dragon Abyss. Although they could theoretically cross the rough sea by themselves, it would still be a difficult endeavor. That was why Sky proposed making a raft.

“Sure thing.” James nodded.

The two went separate ways and began chopping down the surrounding trees. Then, they sliced the wood in half and used the bark as a rope to fix the wood in place.

After a long hectic day, the raft was finally done.

James wanted to depart tomorrow morning. However, as Sky could not wait any longer, James had no choice but to push on during the night.


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