The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1241

Gold and Silver Ghost too naturally realized that their subordinate was actually sent flying by a brat, and then he was not able to get back up.
“Damn it, who the hell is that brat? He took the little one away?”
“Don’t care about the little one first. Let’s get the big one first!”
The two of them flanked Zella Yaeger, with one on the left and the other one on the right. Then, they realized that Aunt Rockefeller was next to her. They glanced at her.
‘Oh my goodness, she’s actually more beautiful than Zella Yaeger, with the best quality in the world!’
‘Buy one free one, what a bargain!’
“Hey, Gold, I want the woman next to her. Don’t you snatch her away from me. I can let you enjoy this Zella Yaeger first.”
“F*ck, you’re so clever. Do you think you’re the only calculative one here? Do you think I don’t want such an awesome woman like this?”
“Then, what should we do? Since both of us want to go first, should we both have a go at the same time?”
Facing such a difficult situation, Gold and Silver Ghost didn’t know how to resolve it for a moment They nearly fought each other right there and then. Zella was stunned looking at them, but her mind was more concerned about her daughter. Who cared about them?
She hurriedly rushed to Alex.
“Fool! That great beauty Yaeger is going to get away, and you’re still f*cking fighting with me? Whoever catches the great beauty Yaeger first gets to enjoy the stunning beauty first!” Gold Ghost shouted.
He moved his feet immediately and wanted to chase after Zella. However, at this moment, an unparalleled invisible force suddenly affected his body, causing his erected body earlier to be pressed violently down to the ground, as if it was being pressed down by a gigantic hand. His entire body fell flat to the ground, resembling a huge flattened frog.
When Silver Ghost saw this, he roared with laughter.
“Gold, are you having an impotence? You can’t even walk properly, yet you still want to play around with women. Aren’t you afraid of dying from exhaustion on top of a woman’s belly? Hahaha, you better rest for a while. Just let me have this remarkable beauty and the great beauty Yaeger!”
A look of triumph was on Silver Ghost’s face. He also rushed towards Zella.
In the next moment, Silver Ghost also followed in Gold Ghost’s footsteps. By now, both of them knew that the situation was not right.
They wanted to get up immediately, but they found that no matter how hard they tried, it was impossible. It felt like a mountain was pressing against them, and they couldn’t get out from under it no matter what.
“Gold, what the hell is going on? Why can I get up? It seems like something is pressing down on me. It can’t be a female ghost, right?”
“It’s broad daylight, how could there be any female ghost? Even if there is one, it must be a female Bodhisattva! Bodhisattva has found us brothers to be favorable, and wants to recruit us as son-in-laws!”
Zella looked back at Gold and Silver Ghost, then at Aunt Rockefeller. Though she didn’t know how Aunt Rockefeller did it, Zella was certain that it was because of Aunt Rockefeller that Gold and Silver Ghost were lying on the ground without any reason.
Winniefred ran and jumped up into Zella’s arms. She shouted happily, “I told you so, Uncle is really powerful and his capability is great as the sky. With Uncle around, we’ll be saved.”
Zella had already burst into tears at this time.
At that moment previously, she really thought that she really was going to lose her daughter.
This was twice now.
Alex had saved her daughter twice, which was equivalent to saving her entire family twice. The feeling of getting a new lease on life after a calamity gave her an urge to bawl loudly. She looked towards Alex with ardent eyes. Her eyes were red rimmed, but she couldn’t utter a single word.
It was because the two words “thank you” could no longer express her emotions at this moment.
“A female Bodhisattva wants to recruit you to be her son-in-laws?” Aunt Rockefeller took two steps forward, looking at Gold and Silver Ghost who were lying on the ground like dead beasts. She almost couldn’t help but laugh. “If you want to say so, it’s not like you can’t do that. Since Bodhisattva wants to invite you to be her son-in-laws, let me see you off on that journey.”
It was only then did the two men understand that it was Aunt Rockefeller who made them lie on the ground and could not get up no matter what.
“You, it’s you?!”
“W-who are you?!”
The two men raised their heads with difficulty to look at Aunt Rockefeller.
“I’m the one who’s going to send you off to be son-in-laws! Your Bodhisattva can’t wait any longer, so be at ease and go off on your journey!”
Aunt Rockefeller made a fist in the air and gently clenched it down.


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