The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1266

When Alex Rockefeller witnessed this scene, he was a little dumbfounded. His mouth opened even wider when he heard the final sentence. “Maya, is it your birthday today?” Alex asked.
Despite knowing each other for many years, Alex actually didn’t know which day was Maya Howards’ birthday.
Before Maya answered, a middle-aged person wearing a chef ’s hat walked out from the kitchen. He seemed elegant, and he looked rather good too. When he smiled, he even had dimples… Alex suddenly thought of a male celebrity, Tom Cruise. This person did look somewhat like Tom Cruise.
However, right then, Alex’s mysterious pearl in his energy core suddenly vibrated profusely.
It gave Alex a fright.
‘What’s going on?’ he wondered.
The last time the mysterious pearl vibrated was back in Michigan’s House of Treasures when he found the core of an Ancient Thunderclap Wood. Ever since then, it never vibrated again to warn Alex of anything. He didn’t expect it to start vibrating here. Moreover, as the man got closer, the pearl’s vibration grew even more intense. It felt as if it was about to leap out of Alex’s energy core.
‘Hold still!’ Alex cursed in his heart.
Right then, the elegant, middle-aged chef walked over to Maya as he chuckled. “Maya, I’m so happy to see you! Hurry up and sit down. These fellows heard you were coming and insisted on waiting for you to celebrate your birthday with you. I couldn’t get them to leave even if I tried!”
After that, he turned to look at Alex. That was because Maya was still holding Alex’s hand with their fingers interlocked tightly. The way they held each other’s hand could only mean that they were in a relationship.
The middle-aged chef smiled. “Maya, why don’t you introduce him to everyone? He must be your boyfriend, right?”
Suddenly, Alex noticed a few of these people glaring at him hostilely. These were the youngsters standing around them who
were here to celebrate Maya’s birthday.
‘Looks like Maya has quite the charm!’ Alex thought.
He tried to pull his hand away, but he noticed that Maya was holding onto it very tightly.
“Papa, his name is Alex Rockefeller. He’s my boyfriend. Today, I want Papa to evaluate if this boyfriend of mine is up to your expectations,” Maya said as she chuckled.
“Maya, you’ve always had good taste. Naturally, the boyfriend that you picked would be very good,” Maya’s father said immediately. He seemed very jolly when he spoke.
However, Alex suddenly felt a surge of coldness.
“Maya, you make me sad! Back then, I was your loyal suitor. I was willing to give up everything for you. Now, you didn’t even tell me that you’ve found a boyfriend!” A youngster said jealousy.
Maya effortlessly eased the tension that arose from what he said. “Liam Lockher, you’re not my type! If you get rid of the fats in your stomach, I might reconsider.”
The young man named Liam Lockher instantly appeared like a deflated balloon.
“In that case, I don’t stand a chance. I’m bound to bring all this fat with me into my coffin!” Liam said.
Everyone suddenly started laughing out loudly.
Maya then started introducing everyone to Alex. “This is Papa. He’s the owner of Quois Haven. His surname is Hanson. You can call him Papa like I do. Every bowl of noodle he makes tastes different. That’s why people call this place Quois Haven!”
After that, Maya introduced the others to Alex.
Apart from the fat youngster named Liam, there were also others named Juniper Zaddock, Shawn Mandela, Fred Tames, and Murphy Durand respectively. These were all friends Maya had made when she worked here as a waitress.
Alex was stunned. He looked at Maya in disbelief. “Did you work here as a waitress before?” he asked.
“What’s the matter? Don’t I look the part?” Maya blinked several times.
After that, she asked Alex a question as a waitress would. “Sir, what would you like to order?”
Alex was speechless.
The restaurant owner laughed. “Maya worked here when she was in her first year at university. She’s a very good girl! Young man, you ought to appreciate your girlfriend. She’s pretty and smart. If I had a son, I’d definitely want her to be his wife! In the blink of an eye, seven years have already gone by. I still remember when you got bullied by a group of bad boys and cried on your first day of work,” he said.
Surprisingly, Maya pointed at Alex. “He was the one who bullied me that day!”


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