The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2175

Chapter 2175 Sunny, hiding behind the wall, smiled from ear to ear. Someone suddenly patted his back, so he jumped and turned around, only to see Cameron. Cameron crossed her arms. She was going to leave in her pajamas, so she wore a jacket to cover it and didn‘t even bother to comb her hair. “What are you doing snooping around?” 

She looked over, but Sunny pulled her back. “Be careful, don‘t let them see you.” After saying that, he couldn‘t help but poke his head out. 

Cameron did the same and was surprised. “Isn‘t that Wayne and Minzy? Are they dating?” Sunny took a deep breath to suppress his anger. “She‘s confessing her feelings to him.” Cameron was shocked. “That‘s quick.” Sunny smiled. “Do you feel like rushing over?” She didn‘t even think about it. “I‘m not crazy. Why would I interrupt them?” 

“Are you not angry?” 

“Why should I be angry?” 

Sunny couldn‘t suppress his anger anymore. He took two steps back and kicked her while she wasn‘t paying attention. She flew forward and almost ran into a pillar. 

When she stood up, she turned to yell at him. “Why did you do that!?” But alas, Sunny was long gone. Cameron angrily tidied up her clothes and suddenly froze, then looked toward Waylon and Minzy. 

They were both staring at her. Cameron forced an awkward smile and waved at them. “Carry on, don‘t let me stop you.” She was going back in the house when Waylon rushed over and grabbed her by her arm. She turned back in shock. “You…” Waylon hugged her by her shoulders and pulled her to Minzy. “Didn‘t you ask if I think someone is a match for me? She‘s a match.” 

Cameron was surprised and was going to shake him off, but he held onto her. 

Minzy was astonished, but she looked down after a short pause, turned, and left. Cameron moved Waylon‘s hand away and put some distance between them. “Are you addicted to using me to push people away?” Waylon smiled. “That wasn‘t the first time, so it wouldn’t hurt if I did it again.” “It would!” Cameron poked his shoulder while looking furious. “I‘ve had enough rumors that involve you. I‘ll kill you if you give me one more nightmare.” Waylon raised his brow as he caught something. “Nightmare?” 

She paused, then avoided his eyes. “It‘s not exactly a nightmare, but it wasn‘t a sweet dream either.” 

Waylon kept his eyes on her as he asked, “You dream about me?” 

Cameron‘s face dropped because her heart was a mess. Why would she talk about her dream? She felt shame and guilt when she looked at his face. 

Waylon squinted. “I was right.” 

“Yes, I dreamed about you.” Cameron made up a dream. “In my dream, you stole my inheritance, land, and house. You even… even stole my pigs.” Waylon chuckled. “What else?” 

Cameron licked her lips, trying hard to think His smile widened. “You don‘t really think when you lie about your dreams?” She looked away. “Nobody remembers their dreams.” 

Waylon approached to see her expression. “But you remember that I stole your inheritance, land, house, and… your pigs.” 


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