The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2176

Chapter 2176 Cameron did not say anything and kept lowering her head. Waylon let out a meaningful smile and said, “Your inheritance isn‘t enough for me to buy diners. I don‘t have any intention of taking over your house or land. As for the pigs… Hmm, I can think about that.” Cameron squinted and asked, “You‘re interested in pigs?” He fixed his gaze on her and replied, “Kind of.” Cameron felt something was not right, but she couldn‘t explain that feeling as she focused on Waylon‘s gaze. She kept staring at him until a cough rang out in the air. She hastily withdrew her gaze and turned around to look at Sunny, who was walking toward them. 

Sunny let out a sigh and shook his head. “I don‘t know about you people, but I‘ve come across this kind of person where they‘re very smart at something, but when it comes to another thing, they‘re as dumb as a pig.” Cameron stared at Sunny and said, “Why do I have a feeling that you‘re talking about me?” Waylon placed his finger in front of his lips. God knew how difficult it was for him to suppress his laugh. 

Sunny looked in another direction and waved his hand. “Forget about it. Just let nature take its course. By the way, look at yourself. What are you wearing? Look at Minzy. Look at how she dresses, and look at yourself. Since you‘ve decided to become a girl again, then stop behaving like a dude. It‘s embarrassing.” 

Cameron lowered her head to look at her pajamas before raising her head and draping a jacket on herself. With her head held high, she said, “I can wear whatever I want.” 

After that, she went back into her room. 

Sunny looked at Waylon. Even though he already knew the answer, he still whipped up a smile and asked, “Wayne, I heard that you‘ve rejected Minzy. Is it true?” 

“I thought you were looking from the side the whole time,” Waylon replied in a straightforward manner. Sunny laughed embarrassingly and replied, “It seems like you were aware of it.” After that, he suddenly remembered something and asked again, “But is it true about what you said just now?” 

Waylon crossed his arms in front of his chest and replied, “It depends on how you think about 


The grin on Sunny‘s face widened as he continued. “Can I say that you have a thing for Cam?” Waylon did not say anything in return. Even though he did not answer his question, Sunny already knew his answer. He clasped his hands behind his back and said happily, “Today is a good day for a scrumptious meal. I‘ll go to prepare dinner now.” 

Fabio sat alone in the study room with his hand covering his face. It seemed everything around him had come to a complete stop, and he looked forlorn under the shower of the evening sun. His bodyguard entered the room. He stood in front of the table and reported carefully, “Mr. Puzo, they‘ve already learned about the things that happened to the Parkin Chamber of Commerce and…” 

The bodyguard Tifted his eyelids and continued. “Most of our men and the people from the Parkin Chamber of Commerce have defected to Mr. Matthews. 

Fabio put his hand down and leaned against the back of his chair. There was no expression on his face, and he looked exceedingly calm. “What about you? You didn‘t choose him?” 

The bodyguard lowered his head. “I remain loyal to you, sir.” 

“Loyal?” He chuckled as a sarcastic smile crossed his face. “It‘s never in my wildest dream that the thing that causes my downfall is this word. Unfortunately, I won‘t trust anyone anymore.” 

He pulled a Browning out and pulled the trigger before the bodyguard could even say anything. The bullet hit the bodyguard in his forehead, and blood dyed the wall red like a crimson flower. 

The bodyguard fell down onto the pool of blood on the floor. Fabio caressed the Browning in his hand. Another two bodyguards came into the study room when they heard the gunshot. “Mr. Puzo…“. When they saw the man lying in the pool of blood, their expression changed, and cold beads of sweat began to ooze out of their foreheads. Fabio raised his eyelids to look at them. “How many people do we have left?” One of the bodyguards replied, “About 100.” He gnashed his teeth and set his jaw tightly as a gloomy expression crossed his face. “Donald, I must kill you with my own hand one day.” Fabio and his men left the mansion. When the person in the dark saw Fabio entering his car, he pulled his phone out in an attempt to make a call. 


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