The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1267

Alex Rockefeller was shocked.
He looked at Maya Howards with a stunned expression. “Was it me? Did I bully you? Are… Are you sure?”
Maya wrinkled her nose and looked at him. “Yes, it was you! On the first day I worked in Papa’s restaurant, you called me out for being clumsy. You said I carried bowls too slowly and even served food to the wrong customers. You also said that someone like me isn’t suited to work as a waitress. Do you know how upset I was because of you on that day? I cried for two hours. After that, I secretly vowed that I’d be the best waitress possible.”
Alex felt his tongue-tied. After that, he finally recalled the incident.
It really did seem to have happened. However, he wasn’t a university student yet at the time. Instead, he was in his third year of senior high at a high school in California. That day, he came to meet some friends who were slightly older than him. After that, he ended up on a particular street in the night market.
Back then, Alex had ordered a bowl of noodles. In the end, he was served the wrong bowl of noodles. Coupled with the fact that he was in a bad mood due to a problem related to his friend, Alex ended up yelling at a pretty and proper looking waitress.
He didn’t think that the waitress at the time was Maya.
Alex looked at Maya for a long while. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”
A complicated look appeared upon Maya’s pretty face, and her eyes filled with emotions. “I was hoping you’d come to Papa’s noodle restaurant again. I wanted to tell you I’d become an excellent waitress. I waited for a long time, but you never showed up again. When I was in my second year of university, you actually appeared in my life as my junior. You even became my subordinate in the students’ society. To my greater surprise, you actually didn’t recognize me at all. After that, I thought I might as well not tell you. In that way, I could abuse my powers in the students’ society to exact revenge on you,” Maya said softly.
Alex suddenly understood everything.
“That explains why I was always sent to carry out the dirtiest and most tiring tasks when I first joined the students’ society!”
“You did it on purpose.”
Maya snorted softly. “That’s right. I did it on purpose. I didn’t think you’d actually be quite as dumb and easy to bully! You didn’t sense anything fishy about it at all,” she said.
Meanwhile, someone slapped his thigh nearby. “Beautiful Maya, did you unknowingly start to fall for him ever since then? Oh my god! I can’t believe such karma exists… If I had yelled at you back then, would I be the one holding your hand now?”
The person who spoke was the fat guy, Liam Lockher.
However, Maya didn’t even look at him. She continued to stare at Alex foolishly. “Yeah. It’s a truly strange feeling. Without realizing it, his face would pop up in my mind now and then. Whenever I saw him frowning unhappily, I’d feel both overjoyed and hurt at the same time.”
“Back then, this fellow found himself a girlfriend by the name of Chloe Marionette. This idiot actually didn’t know about that girl’s dark past. She was the most sl*tty girl in the school. The men who surrounded her could form a soccer team. In the end, I was the one who had to break it to him secretly. Only after he caught that girl in action did he realize what was going on,” Maya added.
At this point, Maya’s eyes had turned red. “But this guy never even cared about my existence!” she cried out.
“Soon, he found a new girlfriend and always showed off their affection in front of me all day long. He frequently asked me to take photos for them. Did you have any idea? This was something I disliked doing the most. Do you know how sad I felt…” Maya added.
Alex quietly looked at Maya before him. Scenes of them back in school replayed in Alex’s mind like a movie.
Suddenly, his heart began to throb.
When he got into a relationship with Lady Dorothy Ass*x, he was already in his third year at university. However, he got to know Maya one month after he entered university. After that, they were together a lot of the time. In all honesty, the time Maya accompanied him was probably several times greater than Lady Dorothy’s.
Right then, Mr. Hanson started clapping loudly. “There’s a saying that the longest lasting love involves silent companionship! Young man, you’re a lucky fellow. I hope the two of you will end up happily ever after as lovers! Come, now. On this special day, I’d like to give Maya a special birthday celebration.”
Maya secretly sighed.
‘But this fellow had had quite a number of lovers!’ Maya thought.
Right then, Liam started making a fuss. “Alex Rockefeller, right? You heard her. Back then, you made our beautiful Maya cry a lot. You must compensate her! It’s her birthday today. Have you prepared any special gifts for her?” he asked.


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