The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1268

Alex Rockefeller immediately felt awkward. He had no idea it was Maya Howards’ birthday today. How could he have prepared a gift?
Maya knew that he must not have known. That was because she had never mentioned it to him after all these years. Besides, Alex had always been thinking about Lady Dorothy Ass*x. How would he have known about Maya’s birthday?
However, to avoid embarrassing Alex any further, Maya started to speak. “If it’s not a special gift, don’t bother saying it out loud. I want a very special gift.”
“What is it?” Alex was stunned for a moment.
Maya pointed at the tears that had silently rolled down her cheeks. “Kiss my tears dry. That’s because you caused these tears.”
As soon as she said this, not only was Alex stunned but everyone else around them was also stunned. The old, handsome Mr. Hanson, especially, had a brief glimmer in his eyes.
Meanwhile, Alex sensed the mysterious pearl in his upper energy core vibrating even more intensely. He felt as if it would soon leap out from him.
However, Alex didn’t care too much about all these things. Instead, he felt slightly overwhelmed by Maya’s sudden confession.
While everyone around them began making noises, Alex gently hugged Maya. After that, he started kissing her softly.
To his surprise, his kiss ended up making Maya’s tears fall even more. He couldn’t dry her tears up at all. As soon as he kissed some of her tears away, more would follow.
Maya had waited for this kiss for far too long!
After several kisses from Alex, Maya suddenly hugged him by his neck and fiercely kissed him on the lips. It felt as if she was trying to make up for all the discomfort she had suffered for the past few years through this kiss.
Liam Lockher and the rest who surrounded them started clapping after being stunned for a moment.
After that, everyone celebrated Maya’s birthday. They had even prepared a cake and a bowl of noodles for her. Maya raised her glass to Mr. Hanson. “Papa, I’m an orphan. If it wasn’t for your help, I might not even have gotten into university. You also taught me a lot in Quois Haven. Here’s a toast to you! Papa, in my heart, you are my family,” Maya said.
Her words touched Papa as well.
Tears appeared in the corners of his eyes. “Alright, alright Maya is like my biological daughter. In that case, I am her family. Alex, you mustn’t bully her. Otherwise, I’ll fight against you with my life!”
“Me too!”
“Count me in!”
A few of the other guys also expressed their thoughts. Touched, Maya started tearing up again.
Her birthday ended under such circumstances.
After bidding farewell to Papa, Liam, and others from Quois Haven, Alex and Maya left the night market street while holding each other’s hand.
By the time, the night market had already gone quiet. Just as the two were about to head home, a person’s figure suddenly descended from the sky. Wearing black clothes and a black ghost mask, the person stopped them in their tracks. The ghost mask man pointed at Alex. “You, get lost. Leave the woman behind!”
Alex looked at the person and shook his head. “You disappoint me greatly,” Alex said.


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