The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2177

Chapter 2177 However, he was hit at the back of his head before he could make the call and fell unconscious. Standing behind him, Saydie picked up the phone from the floor, and it was only then she realized he wanted to call Donald. 

The sky was getting darker, but the East Islands were brightly lit like an illuminating pearl. Several cruises were moving slowly on the sea. They would arrive at the East Islands‘ Southern Port in another two days. 

It was bright in the cabin, and Quincy lowered the curtain. He turned around to look at the people behind him. “Make sure you stay low profile when you arrive at the island later. Don‘t get yourself exposed.” 1 

The group of people said, “Don‘t worry, we will. We‘ll tell the people we meet that we‘re here to do business. Besides, we‘ll leave some of our guys on the ship as backup. This way, people won‘t be suspicious of us.” 

Quincy nodded. “Get some rest early.” 

Meanwhile, at the Southern residence… 

Sleep wouldn‘t come to Cameron. She sat up frustratingly, took a jacket, and left the room. 

Sunny and all maids had already fallen asleep at this time. 

The streetlight dimly lit the courtyard, while the humming of the insects from the bushes was pleasing to the ears. Cameron draped the jacket on herself and walked up to the lizard. She leaned forward to observe it and chuckled. “It seems to me that you‘re only active at night.” 

The lizard was sitting on top of the house made from broken branches. Despite the fact that it gave Cameron the cold shoulder because it was a cold–blooded animal, it was not afraid of her since it had lived with her for a long time. 

Cameron opened up the cage and put it on the back of her hand. It sat on her hand firmly, with its head held high. 

She sat on the chair and fed it with some food. “Should I find a partner for you? You seem lonely. What kind of lizard do you like? I‘ll go look for one for you tomorrow…” 

Even though the lizard couldn‘t understand a single word Cameron said, she still talked about a lot of things. 

Cameron did not know that Waylon was standing behind her. He was leaning against a pillar and listening to her as she “brainwashed” the lizard on her hand. 

After a long while, he chuckled. “You‘re not afraid of a lizard, but you‘re scared of a mouse. You‘re pretty weird, Ms. Southern.” 

Cameron was startled by his voice and jerked her head to the back. “What are you doing 

standing behind my back?” He walked down the staircases and said, “I didn‘t want to disturb you two.” As Cameron continued to feed the lizard, she asked, “Why are you not sleeping in the middle of the night?” 

“You too. Why are you not in bed now?” 

She turned her head around. “That‘s because I can‘t sleep.” 

Waylon smiled. “Another nightmare? What did I take from you this time?” 

She was stumped. “Can you please stop teasing me with that?” 

He sat down with his leg crossed. He was wearing a white shirt, which accentuated his skin‘s fairness under the light. The seriousness on his face seemed to have waned off a bit, and there was a touch of gentleness in his eyes. “It‘s finally coming to an end.” 

Cameron was stunned as she knew what he was talking about. She lowered her head and said, “It has been almost half a year. Well, it‘s considered fast.” 

After everything was over, they would leave the East Islands, and they wouldn‘t see each other anymore. She did not know why, but she felt a bit disappointed. Maybe it was because she didn‘t have any chance to see Daisie anymore? After all, it was pretty rare to come across a naive and silly girl like her. 

Waylon turned his head sideways and captured every emotion that crossed her face. After a while, he reached out to her. 

Cameron was confused. “What?” 

“Did you bring your cell phone?” he asked. 

Cameron pulled her cell phone out of her pocket. “You didn‘t bring yours?” 

He did not reply and took over her phone. “Your fingerprint.” 

Cameron pressed her finger on the screen and unlocked the phone. He made a call using her cell phone before proceeding to save his own number into her cell phone. 


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