The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1490

The feeling of being energized rushed through Quincy once again.

He couldn’t help but scream, letting out a punch at the limestone nearby, suddenly smashing it into pieces. It seemed like he was a bit more powerful than before.

He laughed loudly. “Boy, so what if you’re William’s son? I wouldn’t even do it for your father’s sake. I’m well aware of your strength, and you can’t stop me if I want to leave! Since you’ve restored my energy core, I’ll spare your life today. You want to go to Caesar’ s tomb? That’s just walking into your grave! I’m leaving!”

After saying that, Quincy laughed out loud again.

Seeing how Alex was just standing there expressionlessly, Quincy thought that he was stunned. Quincy felt even more proud of himself. He immediately stepped down and headed out of the manor.

“Idiot!” Alex said softly. “Is it really necessary for this guy to go with us?”

In the next second…


Quincy came back again, thrown heavily to the ground. He was unable to get up for a long time.

Soon, a figure rushed over and stepped onto Quincy’s stomach. It was Holly.

“You want to run? Can you even run?”

Quincy looked at Holly’s appearance, who looked to be just a sixteen or seventeen year old girl. However, she had knocked him to the ground and held him there with just a punch, leaving no room for resistance at all.

He was so shocked, he couldn’t speak.

Alex said to Holly, “Holly, I’ll leave this guy to you. If he dares to run away again, just break his leg.”

“Oh, okay!”

Brittany being unconscious had just made Alex’s mood bad. And filled with urgency.

He had already discussed the matter with his grandfather, Geronimo. The Melvis family would temporarily house Brittany in Alaska, where there was the protection of a Grandmaster and an Innate Martial Honor, Geronimo. There shouldn’t be any problems in terms of safety.

“Alex, you really don’t need me to go into the tomb with you? I’m still a distinguished Innate Martial honor after all. Can’t I be of any help to you?”

When Geronimo found out that Alex intended to head into the tomb, it was natural that he also wanted to go. Alex shook his head. “Going into the tomb isn’t about fighting; it’s about skills.”

“Are you saying I don’t have the skills?”

“You have to know formation skills! Also, Grandpa, there’s something else more important… Inside the Divine Constabulary, some people want to get their hands on the things in the tomb. Even the Blood Cult has their eyes on it. Going into the tomb is the easy part, but it’s going to be difficult to deal with those who attack from the shadows!”

“What?! There are also people in the Divine Constabulary who have their own ideas? Who are they?”

“I thought it used to be you, but now I know there are others. I’ll have to rely on you to help on this matter, Grandpa!”


Geronimo patted his chest and promised Alex that there wouldn’t be a problem there.

After that, Alex took out his phone to give Aunt Rockefeller a call. Unexpectedly, a call came in at the same time.

Glancing at the phone display, Alex saw that it was Claire Ass*x, who he had not contacted for a long time.

Alex furrowed his brows, not really wanting to pick up. However, thinking about how Claire had changed completely due to her amnesia, he still answered the call. “Mom?”

From the time of the divorce till now, this was the first time Alex had called her that.

“Alex, I heard that something has happened in your company. How is everything now?” Claire’s voice was warm and tinged with concern.

Every time he heard such a voice from her, Alex always felt that this was not real and that it was some sort of dream. It was like a tigress had suddenly turned into a meek sheep.

“Oh, the matter has been settled,” he replied.

“It’s good that it’s been settled! It frightened me before this. Alex, why haven’t you been home for this period? It can’t be that you’ve got into a fight with Dorothy, right?”

It was something that many mothers-in-law would say, what Claire was saying right now.

However, to Alex, this kind of concern was only present during the period before he and Dorothy got married. He smiled and said, “We didn’t fight”

“Then, how about coming to dinner tonight? I haven’t seen you in so long, and I miss you a lot.”


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