The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2412

Chapter 2412

The guests laughed and connected, “As expected of your son-in-law, Mr.

Southern. He’s handsome.”

Wayion nodded and chuckled. “Thank you for your compliment.”

Sunny was grinning happily. “Of course. Wayne is one of the Goldmanns. Even though he’s young, he’s brave and astute. Even Cam is happy with him being her husband, so I’m happy as well.”

“Goldmanns? Are you talking about…”

‘That’s right. It’s the Goldmanns from Bassburgh.”

Understanding instantly dawned upon them. Only then did they know that Wayion was one of the Goldmanns, and it also explained his extraordinary bearing.

Meanwhile, at Yuzu Villa’s guestroom…

The makeup artist had finished Cameron’s makeup. She looked at the delicate face through the mirror and exclaimed, “You really have good skin, Ms. Southern. I just put on some makeup, and you’re as beautiful as those celebrities.”

Mahina, who was helping Cameron to put on earrings, said, “Of course. Ms. Southern has always been a beauty.”

When Cameron saw the makeup artist picking up the brush again, she asked, “I thought you were done with the makeup?”

The makeup artist chuckled and replied, “I’m going to do a little touch-up. I assure you that you’ll look stunning in your wedding dress.”

Meanwhile, the staff brought Cameron’s wedding dress into the room. Cameron stood up and walked toward the dress.

The light that came through the window fell on the wedding dress and cast a layer of shine on it. For a moment, she thought she had gone back to that dream. It was just that this time, everything that was happening in the dream was real.

Mahina walked up to her and said expectantly, “Miss, you should put it on.”

Cameron then went to put on her wedding dress.

Everyone looked at her in awe when she came out in her wedding dress. She seemed to be glowing and looked just like someone who came out of a drawing.

It was very lively in the courtyard as everyone was chatting and laughing. Sunny looked at his watch and said, “It’s about time.”

He turned to Wayion and said, “Wayne, it’s time for you to get your wife.”

The rest of the people shouted, “Yeah! Let’s go get your wife!”

Everyone on the East Islands knew that Cameron was getting married today. The procession was long and filled with many luxury cars.

Sunny was generous enough to reserve Yuzu Villa to accommodate his guests and to cater for them tomorrow and the day after.

Cameron was covering her face with a fan inside the room. She was tired and put it down. “When are they coming? I’m starving.”

She did not know that getting married would be this exhausting.

Mahina hastily picked up the fan and said, “I think they’re on their way. Please wait for a little longer, miss.”

As if she heard the commotions downstairs, Mahina went to the window and looked downward. A smile appeared on her face as she said, “They’re here!”

Wayion was wearing a tuxedo as well. When they came out of the elevator, and after Mahina opened the door, Wayion gave her a small present.

Mahina took the present and said happily, ‘Thank you so much, Mr. Goldmann!”

Cameron covered her face with her fan.

‘This girl…’

Before she could prepare herself, someone picked her up from the bed, and she looked at Wayion in surprise.

Someone from the side hurriedly reminded her. ‘Your fan!”

She hastily picked the fan up and covered her face.

A smile appeared on Wayion’s face as he looked at her reddened ears. He lowered his head to kiss her forehead and whispered, ‘You’re so pretty, my wife.”


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