The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2413

Chapter 2413

Cameron’s face became so red that she tried to hide her face behind her fan. She mumbled, “Stop it. It’s embarrassing. We should hurry up and go home now.”

The smile on Wayion’s face broadened. “Alright. Let’s go home now.”

When they arrived at the Southern manor, a few maids sprinkled some flowers on the ground. Wayion turned around and stretched his arm toward Cameron.

Cameron lowered her head and placed her hand on his.

He carried Cameron into the courtyard as everyone watched on. Sunny and Damian sat in their seats as they watched both Cameron and Wayion carry out the wedding ceremony.

Sunny was both happy and sad. He was happy because his daughter finally had found a man she loved. He was sad because his daughter would also be someone else’s daughter from today onward.

Damian put down his cup when he saw that Sunny was crying. He said,” Why are you crying? It’s such a big day for your daughter. You should be happy for her.”

He wiped the tears off his face and said, “I’m not crying. These are the tears of joy.”

Damian chuckled. “I know you’re sad because your daughter isn’t going to be with you anymore.”

“Of course, I’m sad. Don’t you feel sad? She has called you uncle for so many years!”

Damian laughed helplessly. “Well, if and only if Cam were a boy, then maybe we wouldn’t be so sad.”

Since she was a girl, she was going to marry the man she loved and leave the house.

It was still a lively scene in the courtyard at 7:00 p.m. The food and wine were good, all the guests were happy, and the scene was joyful.

After Cameron and Wayion finished greeting all of the guests, Cameron returned to her room. She was starving since she hadn’t eaten anything yet. Seizing her chance while no one was coming in, she got up and went to the table to eat the snacks.

When Mahina pushed the door open, she was startled and jerked up from the chair. “Oh my gosh! You scared the hell out of me.”

Mahina couldn’t help herself and chuckled. “Miss, I know you’re starving. Look what I’ve brought you.”

Cameron licked the corner of her lips and said, “Stop beating around the bush. I can smell it from here. It’s pork knuckles, right?”

Mahina placed the plate of pork knuckles on the table.

Cameron was starving. She hurriedly took a pork knuckle and started wolfing it down.

She asked, “Why did you think of bringing me pork knuckles?”

“Master Wayne knows that you must be starving since you hadn’t eaten anything until now, so he asked me to bring this up for you.” After Mahina finished speaking, the smile on her face broadened. “Master Wayne really cares a lot about you.”

If he did not care about her, he wouldn’t care if she was starving or not.

Cameron lowered her head and fell silent.

After a short while, Wayion came into the room.

Mahina said, “I should go now.”

She left the room and closed the door.

Cameron looked at Wayion fixedly as he walked toward her. He stopped in front of her and looked gentle under the light. He leaned down and wiped off the stain on the corner of her lips. “Are you really that hungry?”

She placed the back of her hand on her lips as her eyelashes fluttered. “I haven’t eaten or drunk anything since this afternoon, so I’m hungry.”

“Okay,” he replied and chuckled deeply. “Poor Cam.”

Cameron put down the pork knuckle and wiped her lips with tissue paper. “I thought you were entertaining the guests downstairs?”

He laughed. “I didn’t want to leave you alone in the room waiting for me.”

“What? I – Ugh!”

He pressed his lips onto Cameron’s without giving her a chance to say anything. Cameron placed her hands on his shoulders and felt as if all her energy had left her body. “Wayne…”

As he undid his button, he said, “Cam, you should call me honey.”


She did not have the chance to finish her sentence.

Sunny told Mahina to come upstairs and get Cameron to go down for dinner. Little did she expect that she would hear the voices she shouldn’t hear while she was in the corridor.


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